Camas, BG, Kelso, Prairie JV Boys A

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Samuel Mccormick 0MCamas 00:20:150:06:32M111 
2 Henry Cameron 0MBattle Ground 00:20:440:06:41M122 
3 Logan Smith 0MBattle Ground 00:20:520:06:44M133 
4 Isaac Bolin 0MPrairie 00:21:030:06:47M144 
5 Mason Hennessey 0MBattle Ground 00:21:080:06:49M155 
6 Tyler Perry 0MBattle Ground 00:21:190:06:53M166 
7 Matthew Clay 0MBattle Ground 00:21:240:06:54M177 
8 Dylan Ho 0MPrairie 00:21:270:06:55M188 
9 Stephen Snell 0MCamas 00:22:050:07:07M199 
10 Spencer Cowger 0MBattle Ground 00:22:140:07:10M11010 
11 Mason Collum 0MBattle Ground 00:22:190:07:12M11111 
12 Gage Hannu 0MBattle Ground 00:22:280:07:15M11212 
13 Cameron Jensen 0MCamas 00:22:470:07:21M11313 
14 Matthew Andrade 0MCamas 00:23:080:07:28M11414 
15 Mason Shaffer 0MBattle Ground 00:23:440:07:39M11515 
16 Charlie Williamson 0MBattle Ground 00:23:450:07:40M11616 
17 Tyler Carter 0MKelso 00:23:590:07:44M11717 
18 Misha Morrell 0MPrairie 00:24:030:07:46M11818 
19 Isaac Agren 0MKelso 00:24:130:07:49M11919 
20 Jose Alvarezlopez 0MPrairie 00:24:150:07:49M12020 
21 Jakob Webb 0MKelso 00:24:170:07:50M12121 
22 Tanner Davisson 0MBattle Ground 00:24:190:07:51M12222 
23 Kelvin Matson 0MBattle Ground 00:24:240:07:52M12323 
24 Miguel Victoriano 0MBattle Ground 00:24:400:07:58M12424 
25 Norman Hartman 0MKelso 00:24:490:08:00M12525 
26 Christopher Biermann 0MCamas 00:24:540:08:02M12626 
27 Giovannie Lopez 0MKelso 00:24:590:08:04M12727 
28 Zachary Bodine 0MKelso 00:25:010:08:04M12828 
29 Jordan Dominquez 0MBattle Ground 00:25:040:08:05M12929 
30 Cole Withington 0MBattle Ground 00:25:130:08:08M13030 
31 Marcus Adams 0MBattle Ground 00:25:270:08:13M13131 
32 Bryson Hart 0MBattle Ground 00:25:330:08:15M13232 
33 Zach Jubb 0MBattle Ground 00:25:550:08:22M13333 
34 Tyler Knoeppel 0MCamas 00:25:580:08:23M13434 
35 Tommy Kelly 0MCamas 00:26:150:08:28M13535 
36 William Doherty 0MKelso 00:26:370:08:35M13636 
37 Joseph Carroll 0MKelso 00:26:510:08:40M13737 
38 Shale Webb 0MKelso 00:27:150:08:47M13838 
39 Steven Sturges 0MCamas 00:28:070:09:04M13939 
40 Hunter Krebs 0MBattle Ground 00:28:390:09:15M14040 
41 Jackson Clark 0MCamas 00:29:130:09:26M14141 
42 William Sanborn 0MPrairie 00:29:140:09:26M14442 
43 Philip Smith 0MKelso 00:29:140:09:26M14243 
44 Justace Walmer 0MPrairie 00:29:140:09:26M14544 
45 Noah Larsen 0MPrairie 00:29:140:09:26M14345 
46 Chas Brooks 0MCamas 00:29:150:09:26M14646 
47 Justin Mendoza 0MCamas 00:29:150:09:26M14947 
48 Micah Foster 0MPrairie 00:29:150:09:26M15048 
49 Edoardo Maggi 0MCamas 00:29:150:09:26M14849 
50 Kaden Linton 0MCamas 00:29:150:09:26M14750 
51 Bridger Paradis 0MPrairie 00:29:160:09:26M15551 
52 Nate Greenwood 0MCamas 00:29:160:09:26M15252 
53 Jacob Dolen 0MCamas 00:29:160:09:26M15153 
54 Charles Weidmann 0MCamas 00:29:160:09:26M15354 
55 Trevor Hunt 0MPrairie 00:29:160:09:27M15455 
56 Gosha Morrell 0MPrairie 00:29:170:09:27M16056 
57 Seth Hahn 0MPrairie 00:29:170:09:27M15957 
58 Carson Golik 0MPrairie 00:29:170:09:27M15858 
59 Samuel Snyder 0MPrairie 00:29:170:09:27M16159 
60 Caleb Myott 0MCamas 00:29:170:09:27M15660 
61 Myles Wetzel 0MCamas 00:29:170:09:27M15761 
62 Jacob Clement 0MPrairie 00:29:180:09:27M16462 
63 Trey Simental 0MPrairie 00:29:180:09:27M16663 
64 Tristan Cobb 0MCamas 00:29:180:09:27M16264 
65 Reece Quinn 0MCamas 00:29:180:09:27M16365 
66 Bailey Mackenzie 0MPrairie 00:29:180:09:27M16566 
67 Joshua Jutila 0MCamas 00:29:190:09:27M16867 
68 Jordan Mccready 0MPrairie 00:29:190:09:27M17068 
69 Johnathon Lesmeister 0MPrairie 00:29:190:09:27M16969 
70 Jacob Carter 0MCamas 00:29:190:09:27M16770 
71 Tyler Morrison 0MBattle Ground 00:30:400:09:54M17171 
72 Martin Koenig 0MPrairie 00:33:580:10:57M17272 

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