Camas, BG, Kelso, Prairie JV Girls

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Ava Wright 0FCamas 00:25:240:08:12F111 
2 Madeleine Sheppard 0FCamas 00:26:360:08:35F132 
3 Emily Sheppard 0FCamas 00:26:360:08:35F123 
4 Sydney Nickels 0FCamas 00:27:010:08:43F144 
5 Taylor Robertson 0FCamas 00:27:350:08:54F155 
6 Mary Elizabethwurzer 0FCamas 00:28:060:09:04F166 
7 Olivia Mcfadden 0FCamas 00:28:230:09:09F187 
8 Laura Burton 0FCamas 00:28:230:09:09F178 
9 Fevet Ibrahim 0FPrairie 00:29:340:09:32F1109 
10 Daniela Reyes 0FBattle Ground 00:29:340:09:32F1910 
11 Skylare Lopez 0FKelso 00:31:260:10:08F11111 
12 Sydney Groff 0FCamas 00:32:020:10:20F11212 
13 Haley Peterson 0FCamas 00:32:030:10:20F11513 
14 Ella Wilks 0FCamas 00:32:030:10:20F11314 
15 Vanessa Theumer 0FCamas 00:32:030:10:20F11615 
16 Maia Kawamura 0FCamas 00:32:030:10:20F11416 
17 Kaitlin Beel 0FCamas 00:32:040:10:21F11717 
18 Sophia Greenwood 0FCamas 00:32:040:10:21F11918 
19 Lindsay Owen 0FCamas 00:32:040:10:21F12019 
20 Kayla Cameron 0FCamas 00:32:040:10:21F11820 
21 Daria Oviatt 0FCamas 00:32:050:10:21F12421 
22 Simone Houston 0FCamas 00:32:050:10:21F12322 
23 Joy Cobb 0FCamas 00:32:050:10:21F12123 
24 Samantha Holm 0FCamas 00:32:050:10:21F12224 
25 Claire Lee 0FCamas 00:32:060:10:21F12625 
26 April Brown 0FCamas 00:32:060:10:21F12526 
27 Chloe Lane 0FKelso 00:32:410:10:33F12727 
28 Haley Mcaninch 0FKelso 00:32:540:10:37F12828 
29 Paige York 0FBattle Ground 00:32:570:10:38F12929 
30 Emma Boucher 0FBattle Ground 00:33:260:10:47F13030 
31 Nicole Garcia 0FPrairie 00:34:470:11:13F13231 
32 Jordyn Berberian 0FPrairie 00:34:470:11:13F13132 
33 Emilia Boesen 0FPrairie 00:34:480:11:13F13333 
34 Ximena Gonzalez-castellon 0FPrairie 00:34:480:11:13F13434 
35 Patricia Perezrodriguez 0FPrairie 00:34:480:11:14F13635 
36 Olivia Pedersen 0FPrairie 00:34:480:11:14F13536 
37 Brielle Bradshaw 0FCamas 00:35:360:11:29F13737 
38 Clara Davis 0FKelso 00:36:400:11:50F13838 
39 Emilie Wilson 0FBattle Ground 00:37:460:12:11F13939 
40 Jessica Arellano 0FBattle Ground 00:37:580:12:15F14040 

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