Blue Lake 5K Walk

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Cathy Hinkley 59F PortlandOR00:35:460:11:32F1211 
2 Alyson Dow 12FTroutdaleOR00:37:350:12:08F312 
3 Cindy Holwege 60FGreshamOR00:38:050:12:17F1313 
4 Patsy Casey 55FBoringOR00:39:350:12:46F1224 
5 Laurie Gilmer 42F Lake OswegoOR00:40:050:12:56F915 
6 Trisa Filkins 51F BeavertonOR00:40:430:13:08F1116 
7 Kjerstin Shaw 15F Oregon CityOR00:42:430:13:47F417 
8 Dakota Shaw 13F Oregon CityOR00:43:550:14:10F328 
9 Bill Henry 76MSalemOR00:43:550:14:10M1611 
10 Linda Miller 69FWest LinnOR00:44:150:14:16F1419 
11 Susan Proctor 61F PortlandOR00:44:260:14:20F13210 
12 Mariane Brightbill 64FCathlametWA00:44:290:14:21F13311 
13 Carolina Slythe 29FWest LinnOR00:44:520:14:28F6112 
14 Terry Miley 52F PortlandOR00:44:530:14:29F11213 
15 Caroljoy Craig 70F PortlandOR00:45:180:14:37F15114 
16 Jill Sutton 48F PortlandOR00:45:340:14:42F10115 
17 Lee Gray 51M PortlandOR00:47:350:15:21M1112 
18 Dominique Judkins 34F VancouverWA00:48:210:15:36F7116 
19 Laura Barker 45F VancouverWA00:48:240:15:37F10217 
20 Beth Mccurley 45FGreshamOR00:48:290:15:38F10318 
21 Arlys Bucher 69FGreshamOR00:48:310:15:39F14219 
22 Tami Canales 52F PortlandOR00:49:450:16:03F11320 
23 Janice Livesley 67F PortlandOR00:49:450:16:03F14321 
24 Sheri Eggen 46F PortlandOR00:49:450:16:03F10422 
25 Roseanne Plotts 63F BeavertonOR00:50:350:16:19F13423 
26 Stacey Shaw 40F Oregon CityOR00:53:250:17:14F9224 
27 Connor Shaw 10M Oregon CityOR00:53:270:17:15M313 
28 Karen Fallows 34F VancouverWA00:55:010:17:45F7225 
29 Amanda Ross 33F BeavertonOR00:55:010:17:45F7326 
30 Tina Ashling 48FAlohaOR00:57:320:18:33F10527 
31 Athina Mitchell 19F VancouverWA00:58:030:18:43F4228 
32 Thomas Mitchell 50M VancouverWA00:58:360:18:54M1124 
33 Betty Keener 78F PortlandOR00:59:400:19:15F16129 
34 Jack Keener 80M PortlandOR00:59:430:19:16M1715 
35 Ann Hennrick 52FBendOR00:59:430:19:16F11430 
36 Jennifer Dunfield 41F VancouverWA01:04:590:20:58F9331 

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