Blue Lake 5K Walk

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Colette Kirkwood 60F11:15BL00:34:540:11:15F1311 
2 Edward Lipski 72M12:37BL00:39:070:12:37M1511 
3 Allen Sandstrom 79M12:48BL00:39:410:12:48M1612 
4 Linda Smith 67F13:00BL00:40:190:13:00F1412 
5 Sarah Hartman 38F13:02BL00:40:240:13:02F813 
6 Roseanne Mccutcheon 63F14:35BL00:45:120:14:35F1324 
7 Teresa Fobert 49F14:36BL00:45:150:14:36F1015 
8 Paul Dean 53M14:37BL00:45:180:14:37M1113 
9 Jocee Giroski 21F14:37BL00:45:200:14:37F516 
10 Tammie Volland 51F14:39BL00:45:250:14:39F1117 
11 Cindy Christensen 64F14:41BL00:45:300:14:41F1338 
12 Marie Smith 36F14:51BL00:46:030:14:51F829 
13 C. Smith 5M14:52BL00:46:040:14:52M214 
14 Angie Plasker 43F14:59BL00:46:280:14:59F9110 
15 Valerie Ireland 66F15:00BL00:46:310:15:00F14211 
16 Harriet Ottaviano 68F15:49BL00:49:020:15:49F14312 
17 Michelle Chandler 39F16:06BL00:49:540:16:06F8313 
18 Roslou Muyuela 52F16:07BL00:49:580:16:07F11214 
19 Regina Saavedra 43F16:07BL00:49:590:16:07F9215 
20 Carol Craig 76F16:24BL00:50:500:16:24F16116 
21 Mandakini Ghildiyal 32F16:25BL00:50:530:16:25F7117 
22 Hijasmin Muyuela 42F16:33BL00:51:170:16:33F9318 
23 Janice Livesley 73F16:40BL00:51:400:16:40F15119 
24 Katherine Cox 27F16:51BL00:52:130:16:51F6120 
25 Sarah Cutts 28F16:51BL00:52:130:16:51F6221 
26 Kitty Taylor 60F16:52BL00:52:160:16:52F13422 
27 Loren Wright 40F17:13BL00:53:220:17:13F9423 
28 Daryl Crane 45M17:13BL00:53:230:17:13M1015 
29 Kathy Giroski 49F17:19BL00:53:400:17:19F10224 
30 Noelle Suggs 47F18:51BL00:58:250:18:51F10325 
31 Katherine Blough 47F18:51BL00:58:250:18:51F10426 
32 Ashley Meyer 27F19:51BL01:01:310:19:51F6327 
33 Kimberly Schmmidt 52F20:04BL01:02:110:20:04F11328 
34 Christina Huskey 31F20:48BL01:04:300:20:48F7229 
35 Ben Bergum 27M20:59BL01:05:040:20:59M616 
36 Christa Bergum 29F21:00BL01:05:060:21:00F6430 

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