Blue Lake Half Marathon

13.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Roberto Diniro 39M6:41BL01:27:310:06:41M811 
2 Noel Tavan 31M6:45BL01:28:200:06:45M712 
3 Rohit Grover 41M6:49BL01:29:140:06:49M913 
4 Kyle Mcdonald 26M6:51BL01:29:410:06:51M614 
5 Michael Allen 44M6:57BL01:31:060:06:57M925 
6 Nicolaus Rock 36M7:02BL01:32:110:07:02M826 
7 Edward Bradley 41M7:27BL01:37:310:07:27M937 
8 Leah Drebin 33F7:27BL01:37:330:07:27F711 
9 Charles Poutasse 62M7:35BL01:39:250:07:35M1318 
10 Erica Kirkwood 30F7:38BL01:39:550:07:38F722 
11 Brian Graham 39M7:47BL01:42:020:07:47M839 
12 Todd Parker 52M7:52BL01:42:590:07:52M11110 
13 Brad Campbell 58M7:58BL01:44:200:07:58M12111 
14 Yoshihisa Kanaka 45M8:07BL01:46:200:08:07M10112 
15 Maureen Kenny 53F8:10BL01:46:590:08:10F1113 
16 Dan Chapman 43M8:20BL01:49:130:08:20M9413 
17 Steve Bohach 37M8:26BL01:50:350:08:26M8414 
18 Dan Davis 49M8:30BL01:51:220:08:30M10215 
19 Amsale Rivers 44F8:32BL01:51:480:08:32F914 
20 Lorraine Lesher-boulton 60F8:34BL01:52:110:08:34F1315 
21 Douglas Rector 70M8:37BL01:52:590:08:37M15116 
22 Michael Fleming 45M8:39BL01:53:220:08:39M10317 
23 Amy Nelson 36F8:51BL01:56:020:08:51F816 
24 Taylor Boehnke 35F8:56BL01:56:560:08:56F827 
25 Dana Stern 40F9:04BL01:58:510:09:04F928 
26 Allison Kwesell 33F9:05BL01:59:020:09:05F739 
27 Ceferino Nazal 40M9:05BL01:59:040:09:05M9518 
28 Amy Fromherz 43F9:08BL01:59:370:09:08F9310 
29 Kermit Santos 51M9:11BL02:00:210:09:11M11219 
30 Maura Pisciotta 29F9:13BL02:00:420:09:13F6111 
31 Erin Stack 31F9:13BL02:00:420:09:13F7412 
32 Linda Drebin 56F9:19BL02:01:590:09:19F12113 
33 Kate Lange 54F9:25BL02:03:190:09:25F11214 
34 Chelsea Jones 34F9:31BL02:04:380:09:31F7515 
35 Darlene Leblanc 51F9:37BL02:05:550:09:37F11316 
36 Lynn Fish 60F9:39BL02:06:240:09:39F13217 
37 Bobby Winchester 56M9:44BL02:07:250:09:44M12220 
38 Hari Radhakrishnan 41M9:44BL02:07:280:09:44M9621 
39 Judith Woo 62F9:54BL02:09:440:09:54F13318 
40 Kathryn Retzler 48F9:54BL02:09:470:09:54F10119 
41 Tom Griglock 37M9:56BL02:10:110:09:56M8522 
42 Tricia Collier 55F9:57BL02:10:190:09:57F12220 
43 Jim Dahrens 45M9:58BL02:10:350:09:58M10423 
44 Elizabeth Osberger 38F10:03BL02:11:350:10:03F8321 
45 Carly Currier 31F10:05BL02:12:060:10:05F7622 
46 Gary Leach 67M10:08BL02:12:490:10:08M14124 
47 Holly Walla 56F10:25BL02:16:270:10:25F12323 
48 Donavon Mccutcheon 55M10:44BL02:20:380:10:44M12325 
49 James Wood 59M10:46BL02:21:050:10:46M12426 
50 Angela Griglock 35F10:46BL02:21:090:10:46F8424 
51 Tammy Bersin 59F10:59BL02:23:560:10:59F12425 
52 Leslie Mcleod 39F11:03BL02:24:460:11:03F8526 
53 Jose Sandoval 49M11:31BL02:30:560:11:31M10527 
54 Lynne Mcdonald 54F11:56BL02:36:200:11:56F11427 
55 Marti Bowles 28F12:15BL02:40:330:12:15F6228 

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