Camas vs. Union Boys Round Lake, Ca

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jackson Lyne 0MCamas 00:19:380:06:20M111 
2 Spencer Twyman 0MCamas 00:19:380:06:20M122 
3 Luc Utheza 0MCamas 00:19:390:06:20M133 
4 Carlson Frawly 0MCamas 00:20:100:06:30M144 
5 Wilson Fresh 0MCamas 00:20:120:06:31M155 
6 Connor Hayward 0MCamas 00:20:150:06:32M166 
7 Zander Samadurov 0MCamas 00:20:500:06:43M177 
8 Porter Craig 0MCamas 00:20:550:06:45M188 
9 Andrew Puffer 0MCamas 00:21:310:06:56M199 
10 Brady Ellis 0MCamas 00:22:080:07:08M11010 
11 Stephen Snell 0MCamas 00:22:260:07:14M11211 
12 Samuel Mccormick 0MCamas 00:22:260:07:14M11112 
13 Tyler Dinh 0MCamas 00:22:450:07:20M11413 
14 Chas Brooks 0MCamas 00:22:450:07:20M11314 
15 Mikie Connell 0MUnion 00:23:350:07:36M11615 
16 Tristan Cobb 0MCamas 00:23:350:07:37M11516 
17 Tanner Dozier 0MCamas 00:23:440:07:39M11817 
18 Jacob Dolen 0MCamas 00:23:440:07:39M11718 
19 Tyler Knoeppel 0MCamas 00:23:490:07:41M11919 
20 Justin Mendoza 0MCamas 00:23:490:07:41M12020 
21 Jackson Clark 0MCamas 00:23:540:07:43M12121 
22 Charles Weidmann 0MCamas 00:24:000:07:45M12222 
23 Cormac Mccarthy 0MUnion 00:24:090:07:47M12323 
24 Cameron Jensen 0MCamas 00:24:180:07:50M12424 
25 Jonah Mack 0MUnion 00:24:190:07:51M12525 
26 Joshua Jutila 0MCamas 00:24:300:07:54M12626 
27 Travis Vaughan 0MCamas 00:24:310:07:54M12727 
28 Edoardo Maggi 0MCamas 00:24:380:07:57M12828 
29 Cameron Lantagne 0MUnion 00:24:380:07:57M12929 
30 Stewart Johnson 0MUnion 00:24:390:07:57M13030 
31 Meddy Kerhorvant 0MUnion 00:24:400:07:57M13131 
32 Andres Solorzano 0MUnion 00:24:410:07:58M13232 
33 Jacob Carter 0MCamas 00:25:290:08:13M13333 
34 Jaxon Milligan 0MUnion 00:26:120:08:27M13534 
35 Caleb Myott 0MCamas 00:26:120:08:27M13435 
36 Christopher Biermann 0MCamas 00:26:180:08:29M13636 
37 Seth Homer 0MUnion 00:26:220:08:30M13737 
38 Trent Richards 0MUnion 00:26:550:08:41M13838 
39 Michael Weatherford 0MUnion 00:27:010:08:43M13939 
40 Thomas Nguyen 0MUnion 00:27:050:08:44M14040 
41 Reece Quinn 0MCamas 00:27:070:08:45M14141 
42 Will Niskanen 0MUnion 00:27:070:08:45M14242 
43 Kaden Linton 0MCamas 00:27:080:08:45M14343 
44 Andrew Curtland 0MUnion 00:27:440:08:57M14444 
45 Isaac Chavez 0MUnion 00:27:480:08:58M14545 
46 Steven Sturges 0MCamas 00:27:490:08:58M14646 
47 Ryan Diehl 0MCamas 00:27:510:08:59M14747 
48 Tommy Kelly 0MCamas 00:28:140:09:06M14848 
49 Andres Nicacio 0MUnion 00:28:240:09:10M14949 
50 Kai Nakagawa 0MUnion 00:30:370:09:53M15050 
51 Mason Obegi 0MCamas 00:31:380:10:12M15151 
52 Jake Connell 0MUnion 00:32:290:10:29M15252 

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