Autumn Leaves 50 Mile Run

50 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Robert Bondurant 44MChimacumWA07:10:550:08:37M911 
2 Stephen Petretto 37M PortlandOR07:36:240:09:08M812 
3 Scott Sebelsky 56MCamano IslandWA07:50:240:09:24M1213 
4 Thomas Webster 54M BeavertonOR07:58:540:09:35M1114 
5 Paul Turner 35M PortlandOR08:28:170:10:10M825 
6 Mike Siebersma 39M TigardOR08:32:360:10:15M836 
7 Rychen Jones 35MSalemOR08:38:470:10:23M847 
8 Jonathan Lee 46M PortlandOR08:47:130:10:33M1018 
9 Clay Eppler 55MYamhillOR08:48:440:10:34M1229 
10 Tabatha Collins 45FBremertonWA08:58:450:10:47F1011 
11 Stephen Brown 55MSeattleWA09:31:450:11:26M12310 
12 Elizabeth Prosser 20F PortlandOR09:55:420:11:55F512 
13 Kelly Shelton 41FLebanonOR10:11:270:12:14F913 
14 Steve Deremer 61MHillsboroOR10:19:480:12:24M13111 
15 Tim Mcwilliams 41MDundeeOR10:21:000:12:25M9212 
16 Steve Oflynn 41M PortlandOR10:44:290:12:53M9313 
17 Marc Larson 53M BeavertonOR10:51:460:13:02M11214 
18 Holly Sitzmann 44FPullmanWA10:56:410:13:08F924 
19 Terri Gray 49FLake StevensWA10:58:460:13:11F1025 
20 Lise Brackbill 46F PortlandOR11:03:590:13:17F1036 
21 Marci Gannon 40FDeer ParkWA11:18:290:13:34F937 
22 Maryjane Rose 48FRidgefieldWA11:32:210:13:51F1048 
23 Marie Zornes 54FGig HarborWA11:35:250:13:55F1119 
24 John Fortes 32M VancouverWA11:35:500:13:55M7115 
25 Monte Pascual 57MFederal WayWA11:37:540:13:57M12416 
26 Susie Ro 46FSeattleWA11:44:230:14:05F10510 

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