Champoeg 30K Run

18.6 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Dean Anderson 43MWest LinnOR02:02:340:06:35M911 
2 Alejandro Fallas 31M PortlandOR02:03:430:06:39M712 
3 Hayley Mckeen 36F PortlandOR02:06:170:06:47F811 
4 Eric Schwindt 41M PortlandOR02:06:460:06:49M923 
5 Ethan Jordan 43M PortlandOR02:07:080:06:50M934 
6 Stephanie Henstrom 41F PortlandOR02:08:280:06:54F912 
7 Shaun Fagan 38MSherwoodOR02:08:290:06:54M815 
8 Angie Roane 39FWest LinnOR02:09:570:06:59F823 
9 Mariah Kraner 35FNewbergOR02:10:500:07:02F834 
10 Casey Colton 42M Lake OswegoOR02:11:260:07:04M946 
11 Jessica Dover 36F PortlandOR02:11:560:07:06F845 
12 Carrie Supinski 33F PortlandOR02:12:090:07:06F716 
13 Brittney Forster 42F PortlandOR02:14:500:07:15F927 
14 Erin Lewis 31F PortlandOR02:19:470:07:31F728 
15 Rohit Grover 41MWest LinnOR02:22:000:07:38M957 
16 Mariah Jeffery 37FHillsboroOR02:23:220:07:42F859 
17 Dwight French 50MCanbyOR02:23:390:07:43M1118 
18 Natalie Harvey 29FCorvallisOR02:24:060:07:45F6110 
19 Richard Young 51M BeavertonOR02:26:340:07:53M1129 
20 Michelle Martin 41F PortlandOR02:26:460:07:53F9311 
21 Frank Schaefer 51M PortlandOR02:28:160:07:58M11310 
22 Frank Hunt 56MSublimityOR02:28:290:07:59M12111 
23 Kelly Marker 38FSherwoodOR02:29:390:08:03F8612 
24 Emily Smith 36FSherwoodOR02:29:430:08:03F8713 
25 Dan Brown 50M BeavertonOR02:35:120:08:21M11412 
26 Stev Strauss 60M PortlandOR02:37:560:08:29M13113 
27 Heidi Camp 43FSherwoodOR02:42:140:08:43F9414 
28 Steven Draper 38M PortlandOR02:43:580:08:49M8214 
29 Julia Carpenter 54FHappy ValleyOR02:44:420:08:51F11115 
30 Amsale Rivers 43FGladstoneOR02:44:450:08:51F9516 
31 Ryan Peterson 27MEugeneOR02:46:100:08:56M6115 
32 Gregg Leblanc 55M PortlandOR02:47:480:09:01M12216 
33 Dan Hagan 61MSherwoodOR02:48:020:09:02M13217 
34 Sonya Langsdorf 49F VancouverWA02:51:530:09:14F10117 
35 John Nolan 28M PortlandOR02:54:440:09:24M6218 
36 Darlene Leblanc 50F Lake OswegoOR02:57:060:09:31F11218 
37 Leslie Chase 50FWilsonvilleOR02:57:110:09:32F11319 
38 Julia Briley 24F PortlandOR03:05:510:09:59F5120 
39 Devon Frazier 26F BeavertonOR03:08:300:10:08F6221 
40 Anna Alig 41FHillsboroOR03:08:390:10:09F9622 
41 Travis Flanagan 37MAuroraOR03:25:480:11:04M8319 
42 Scott Petty 45M PortlandOR03:26:420:11:07M10120 
43 Jessika Oxford 46FCamasWA03:28:560:11:14F10223 
44 Julia Walters 34F TigardOR03:39:410:11:49F7324 
45 Steve Walters 36M TigardOR03:39:420:11:49M8421 
46 Molly Anderson 18FSalemOR03:50:040:12:22F4125 
47 Leslie Anderson 43FSalemOR03:50:050:12:22F9726 
48 Debbie Stevens 48F PortlandOR03:58:280:12:49F10327 
49 Jennine Weber 51F PortlandOR04:21:000:14:02F11428 
50 Kathy Fedr 58FAlohaOR04:21:000:14:02F12129 
51 Wendy Gibson 51F Oregon CityOR04:21:020:14:02F11530 
52 Stacey Dettling 45F PortlandOR04:35:150:14:48F10431 
53 Lora Woodruff 47F PortlandOR04:35:170:14:48F10532 
54 Esinath Kwenda 44FMurfreesboroTN04:41:570:15:10F9833 

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