Champoeg 10K Walk

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Laurie Westenberg 47F PortlandOR01:14:310:12:01F1011 
2 Lizzie Cheney 60F PortlandOR01:18:060:12:36F1312 
3 Jaki Schmunk 63F BeavertonOR01:18:590:12:44F1323 
4 Fenny Roberts 64FSalemOR01:23:490:13:31F1334 
5 Allen Sandstrom 78M BeavertonOR01:25:490:13:50M1611 
6 Richard Bemrose 74MGreshamOR01:25:520:13:51M1512 
7 Rebecca Aldrich 59FHillsboroOR01:26:210:13:56F1215 
8 Jason Anderson 46MSalemOR01:27:380:14:08M1013 
9 Charles Elder 66MWilsonvilleOR01:27:570:14:11M1414 
10 Susan Hays 67F PortlandOR01:28:380:14:18F1416 
11 Linda Smith 66F PortlandOR01:29:100:14:23F1427 
12 Andrea Speck-zulak 69F PortlandOR01:29:120:14:23F1438 
13 Jennifer Hitchcock 52FCanbyOR01:30:160:14:34F1119 
14 Morgan Hitchcock 17FCanbyOR01:30:170:14:34F4110 
15 Julie Concannon 59F PortlandOR01:33:370:15:06F12211 
16 Leslie Rychlik 47FPortlanddOR01:33:590:15:10F10212 
17 Katie Sommer 38F Oregon CityOR01:35:530:15:28F8113 
18 Valerie Ireland 66F BeavertonOR01:35:560:15:28F14414 
19 Irene Rodegerdts 43F PortlandOR01:39:140:16:00F9115 
20 Sarah Drummond 41F PortlandOR01:39:150:16:00F9216 
21 Norman Salas 68M BeavertonOR01:39:200:16:01M1425 
22 Allison Brown 46F TigardOR01:42:360:16:33F10317 
23 Joanna Evans 42FWilsonvilleOR01:42:390:16:33F9318 
24 David Brown 53M TigardOR01:42:390:16:33M1116 
25 Carol Craig 76F PortlandOR01:50:030:17:45F16119 
26 Pat Salas 63F BeavertonOR01:51:160:17:57F13420 
27 Deborah Puchalski 57FTualatinOR01:51:160:17:57F12321 
28 Virginia Knabe 62FSalemOR01:52:080:18:05F13522 
29 Michele Buck 63FSalemOR01:52:090:18:05F13623 
30 Michelle Helms 53F PortlandOR01:52:280:18:08F11224 
31 David Clemans 61MHillsboroOR02:01:260:19:35M1317 
32 Jan Sakala 60F BeavertonOR02:07:120:20:31F13725 

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