4A GSHL District Girls Varsity Lewi

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Halle Jenkins 0FCamas 00:18:560:06:06F111 
2 Aspen Ashcraft 0FCamas 00:19:240:06:16F122 
3 Isabella Abbruzzese 0FSkyview 00:19:420:06:21F133 
4 Haylee Brodahl 0FUnion 00:20:030:06:28F144 
5 Presley Timmons 0FSkyview 00:20:120:06:31F155 
6 Ashley Mckinstry 0FCamas 00:20:140:06:31F166 
7 Elizabeth Nilles 0FCamas 00:20:210:06:34F177 
8 Camryn Mock 0FCamas 00:20:240:06:35F188 
9 Jenna Lukowiak 0FCamas 00:20:260:06:35F199 
10 Serena Smith 0FUnion 00:20:430:06:41F11010 
11 Katelyn Flolo 0FCamas 00:20:520:06:44F11111 
12 Kiley Obrien 0FUnion 00:21:070:06:49F11212 
13 Samantha Williams 0FSkyview 00:21:130:06:51F11313 
14 Phoebe Abbruzzese 0FSkyview 00:21:150:06:51F11414 
15 Emily Rosenkranz 0FUnion 00:21:200:06:53F11515 
16 Brooklyn Baldwin 0FUnion 00:21:360:06:58F11616 
17 Callie Mills 0FUnion 00:21:400:06:59F11717 
18 Claire Reeburgh 0FUnion 00:21:560:07:04F11818 
19 Alena Stevens 0FBattle Ground 00:22:290:07:15F11919 
20 Emily Norton 0FSkyview 00:22:340:07:17F12020 
21 Grace Maruca 0FSkyview 00:22:410:07:19F12121 
22 Allison Yajko 0FSkyview 00:22:590:07:25F12222 
23 Christina Blinsman 0FHeritage 00:23:140:07:30F12323 
24 Kendra Matson 0FBattle Ground 00:23:390:07:38F12424 
25 Piper Lemon 0FHeritage 00:23:580:07:44F12525 
26 Allison Marlin 0FBattle Ground 00:24:120:07:48F12626 
27 Bellora Robles 0FHeritage 00:24:190:07:51F12727 
28 Emilie Sitmann 0FHeritage 00:24:200:07:51F12828 
29 Kaylee Macdonald 0FHeritage 00:24:220:07:51F12929 
30 Nova Gomulkiewicz 0FBattle Ground 00:25:010:08:04F13030 
31 Sierra Smith 0FBattle Ground 00:25:430:08:18F13131 
32 Jennifer Ferguson 0FHeritage 00:25:450:08:18F13232 
33 Julia Jensen 0FBattle Ground 00:25:580:08:22F13333 
34 Hayden Williamson 0FBattle Ground 00:26:060:08:25F13434 
35 Ryann Wilks 0FHeritage 00:30:040:09:42F13535 

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