Garlic Festival Half Marathon

13.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Sebastien Durandeu 40MOtisOR01:30:060:06:53M911 
2 Kyle Mcdonald 25MHappy ValleyOR01:30:420:06:55M612 
3 Vanessa Heber 43FHappy ValleyOR01:36:370:07:23F911 
4 Elizabeth Brim-snodgrass 57FWest LinnOR01:37:530:07:28F1212 
5 Patty Torchia 32F PortlandOR01:44:340:07:59F713 
6 Hilary Perschke 29FChicagoIL01:45:030:08:01F614 
7 Karl Perschke 31MChicagoIL01:45:040:08:01M713 
8 Dave Rucker 50MMcminnvilleOR01:49:350:08:22M1114 
9 Heidi Camp 43FSherwoodOR01:52:250:08:35F925 
10 Ben Douglas 58MTillamookOR01:52:550:08:37M1215 
11 Hannah Holt 36FHillsboroOR01:54:010:08:42F816 
12 Tunde Akinyeke 35M PortlandOR01:55:400:08:50M816 
13 Thomas Gray 27M PortlandOR01:55:400:08:50M627 
14 Jackie Slinkard 31F BeavertonOR01:55:510:08:51F727 
15 Parker Johnson 13MTualatinOR01:55:520:08:51M318 
16 Travis Johnson 44MTualatinOR01:55:520:08:51M929 
17 Jennifer Barnes 36F PortlandOR01:55:570:08:51F828 
18 Tracy Smith 51F VancouverWA01:56:120:08:52F1119 
19 William Frizzell 28M PortlandOR01:57:590:09:00M6310 
20 Chelsea Territo 23FForest GroveOR01:59:130:09:06F5110 
21 Brian Evans 56MTualatinOR02:01:100:09:15M12211 
22 Barrett Olafson 36M PortlandOR02:07:060:09:42M8212 
23 Rich Roell 50M PortlandOR02:07:140:09:43M11213 
24 Peter De 65MAlohaOR02:07:250:09:44M14114 
25 Krystal Abaria 31F PortlandOR02:09:410:09:54F7311 
26 Alexander Abaria 35M PortlandOR02:09:430:09:54M8315 
27 Mark Cullen 38M PortlandOR02:10:100:09:56M8416 
28 Tiffany Mapes 38FHillsboroOR02:11:270:10:02F8312 
29 Damon Mapes 49MHillsboroOR02:11:280:10:02M10117 
30 Stephanie Davies 32FHillsboroOR02:11:500:10:04F7413 
31 Patrice De 64FAlohaOR02:12:210:10:06F13114 
32 Jasper Sabin 38MForest GroveOR02:16:580:10:27M8518 
33 Sonja Ojala 40FHillsboroOR02:17:140:10:29F9315 
34 Jess Kurti 45FKissimmeeFL02:18:070:10:33F10116 
35 Kelsey Evans 24FYorktownVA02:18:520:10:36F5217 
36 Gabrielle Yundt 23FNewbergOR02:29:570:11:27F5318 
37 Srihari Injeti 41M PortlandOR02:30:360:11:30M9319 
38 Mercedes Cohan 52F PortlandOR02:45:530:12:40F11219 
39 Cj Follett 54MScappooseOR03:01:050:13:49M11320 
40 Kellie Follett 48FScappooseOR03:01:060:13:49F10220 

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