GSHL 7th Grade Middle School Girls

1.5 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Madison Wick 0FShahala Ms 00:08:540:05:56F111 
2 Riley Parbon 0FLiberty Ms 00:09:240:06:16F122 
3 Nora Melcher 0FSkyridge Ms 00:09:280:06:19F143 
4 Sydney Lulay 0FFrontier Ms 00:09:280:06:19F134 
5 Alyson Robertson 0FLiberty Ms 00:09:320:06:21F155 
6 Natalie Peddie 0FSkyridge Ms 00:09:330:06:22F166 
7 Jaylyn Lehner 0FShahala Ms 00:09:400:06:27F177 
8 Mya Nguyen 0FShahala Ms 00:09:500:06:33F188 
9 Mallory Stonier 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:09:520:06:34F199 
10 Amelia Merritt 0FLiberty Ms 00:09:540:06:36F11010 
11 Morgan Wetzel 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:010:06:41F11111 
12 Brynn Lantagne 0FFrontier Ms 00:10:030:06:42F11212 
13 Kamryn Kolshinski 0FLiberty Ms 00:10:090:06:46F11313 
14 Paige Armstrong 0FWyeast Ms 00:10:120:06:48F11414 
15 Gracie Buzzell 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:140:06:49F11515 
16 Chloe Kitchell 0FWyeast Ms 00:10:160:06:51F11616 
17 Alyssa Cook 0FShahala Ms 00:10:210:06:54F11717 
18 Myla Barker 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:10:240:06:56F11818 
19 Bethany Bailey 0FShahala Ms 00:10:300:06:59F11919 
20 Sydney George 0FLiberty Ms 00:10:320:07:01F12020 
21 Keira Williams 0FLiberty Ms 00:10:340:07:03F12121 
22 Lanie Hendricks 0FShahala Ms 00:10:420:07:08F12222 
23 Makaila Berg 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:10:430:07:09F12323 
24 Vivian Barnard 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:440:07:09F12624 
25 Reese Fidler 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:440:07:09F12725 
26 Azalea Vlietstra 0FLiberty Ms 00:10:440:07:09F12426 
27 Evelyn Johnson 0FShahala Ms 00:10:440:07:10F12527 
28 Rose Lappavong 0FShahala Ms 00:10:450:07:10F12828 
29 Katelyn Henderson 0FShahala Ms 00:10:460:07:11F12929 
30 Hannah Terry 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:490:07:13F13030 
31 Avery Perry 0FSkyridge Ms 00:10:510:07:14F13131 
32 Audrey Benjamin 0FLiberty Ms 00:10:530:07:15F13232 
33 Kahlia Holmes 0FShahala Ms 00:10:540:07:16F13333 
34 Ella Webb 0FShahala Ms 00:10:560:07:17F13434 
35 Keira Winningham 0FShahala Ms 00:10:590:07:19F13535 
36 Paige Frawley 0FSkyridge Ms 00:11:040:07:22F13736 
37 Aynsley Bjorge 0FSkyridge Ms 00:11:040:07:23F13637 
38 Chloe Frentsos 0FLiberty Ms 00:11:060:07:24F13838 
39 Grace Duffey 0FLiberty Ms 00:11:090:07:26F13939 
40 Leah Powers 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:090:07:26F14040 
41 Sarah (kit)greenhill 0FSkyridge Ms 00:11:170:07:31F14141 
42 Madelyn Burris 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:180:07:32F14242 
43 Hannah Grant 0FSkyridge Ms 00:11:190:07:33F14343 
44 Alison Bruneau 0FFrontier Ms 00:11:200:07:34F14444 
45 Andrea Zermeno 0FFrontier Ms 00:11:230:07:35F14545 
46 Calia Rubano 0FLiberty Ms 00:11:230:07:36F14646 
47 Dayana Raminez 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:240:07:36F14747 
48 Susannah Gillespie 0FLiberty Ms 00:11:300:07:40F14848 
49 Kiernan Gamble 0FCascade (vancouver) Ms 00:11:310:07:40F15049 
50 Hayven Bettez 0FCascade (vancouver) Ms 00:11:310:07:41F14950 
51 Kadie Curtis 0FFrontier Ms 00:11:320:07:41F15151 
52 Maddie Jackson 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:11:390:07:46F15252 
53 Lily Schaffer 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:390:07:46F15353 
54 Kendal Schulte 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:400:07:47F15454 
55 Faith Reive 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:510:07:54F15555 
56 Lacy Robbins 0FWyeast Ms 00:11:550:07:56F15656 
57 Ivory Adams 0FCascade (vancouver) Ms 00:12:120:08:08F15757 
58 Grace Huang 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:12:140:08:09F15858 
59 Faith Horner 0FFrontier Ms 00:12:340:08:23F15959 
60 Anwyn Foreman 0FWyeast Ms 00:12:500:08:33F16060 
61 Hajira Rana 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:13:060:08:44F16161 
62 Amelia Perez 0FFrontier Ms 00:13:590:09:19F16262 
63 Phoebe Smith 0FWyeast Ms 00:14:040:09:23F16363 
64 Melissa Mayer 0FCascade (vancouver) Ms 00:18:190:12:13F16464 
65 Willow Chait 0FPacific (vancouver) Ms 00:18:190:12:13F16565 

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