Harvest Days Community 5K Run

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Abby Knight 22F VancouverWA00:19:220:06:15F511 
2 Mark Staub 61M VancouverWA00:22:460:07:21M1311 
3 Devon Fliss 39F Battle GroundWA00:24:520:08:01F812 
4 Patrick Johnson 33M VancouverWA00:24:590:08:04M712 
5 Lou Diaz 60M VancouverWA00:25:400:08:17M1323CCRC
6 Clyde Holloway 66M VancouverWA00:26:460:08:38M1414 
7 Michael Grossnickle 60M VancouverWA00:27:050:08:44M1335 
8 Tiffany Brogan 34F VancouverWA00:28:080:09:04F713 
9 Curtis Miller 49M Battle GroundWA00:28:220:09:09M1016 
10 Curtis Costanza 54M VancouverWA00:29:070:09:24M1117 
11 Eric Bergerson 48M Battle GroundWA00:29:120:09:25M1028 
12 Gabe Stark 39M Battle GroundWA00:29:170:09:27M819 
13 Karlie Way 33F VancouverWA00:29:290:09:31F724 
14 Madalyn Chapman 16FRidgefieldWA00:29:510:09:38F415 
15 Erin Nolan 51FRidgefieldWA00:32:010:10:20F1116 
16 Jessica Erber-stark 36F Battle GroundWA00:32:340:10:30F827 
17 Debbie Robinett 45F Battle GroundWA00:33:020:10:39F1018 
18 Michelle Bergerson 47F Battle GroundWA00:33:070:10:41F1029 
19 Jason Otto 40MYacoltWA00:33:160:10:44M9110 
20 Sarah Abernathy 65F VancouverWA00:33:470:10:54F14110 
21 Owen Clark 9M  00:35:190:11:23M2211 
22 Parker Pochee 7M  00:35:190:11:24M2112 
23 Brad Clark 38M  00:35:210:11:24M8213 
24 Jennifer Butler 29F VancouverWA00:35:590:11:37F6111 
25 Lori Ohama 54F VancouverWA00:36:320:11:47F11212 
26 Rachel Davis 33FLa CenterWA00:37:090:11:59F7313 
27 Megan Cruz 29F Battle GroundWA00:39:370:12:47F6214 
28 Lucy Cruz 4F Battle GroundWA00:39:380:12:47F1115 
29 Audrey Cruz 6F Battle GroundWA00:39:400:12:48F2116 
30 Meaghen Heupel 35F VancouverWA00:39:570:12:53F8317 
31 Anastasia Mittmann 26F Battle GroundWA00:42:220:13:40F6318 
32 Scott Mittmann 36M Battle GroundWA00:42:220:13:40M8314 
33 Sherri Smith 50F VancouverWA00:42:290:13:42F11319 
34 Haydn Lahuis 9M Battle GroundWA00:43:290:14:02M2315 
35 Vanessa Lahuis 40F Battle GroundWA00:43:290:14:02F9120 
36 Amy Pace 39F Battle GroundWA00:46:420:15:04F8421 
37 Lauren Haney 4F Battle GroundWA00:48:220:15:36F1222 
38 Tanner Luchau 15M Battle GroundWA00:48:220:15:36M4116 
39 Grace Nolan 16FRidgefieldWA00:48:480:15:44F4223 
40 Michelle Welter 32F Battle GroundWA00:49:440:16:02F7424 
41 Jessie Donehey 35FBattlegroundWA00:50:320:16:18F8525 
42 Leann Wilkins 41FWashougalWA00:50:460:16:23F9226 
43 Addison Briggs 6F Battle GroundWA00:51:210:16:34F2227 
44 Stefanie Briggs 34F Battle GroundWA00:51:230:16:34F7528 
45 Jill Oneill 40F VancouverWA00:52:090:16:49F9329 
46 Carolann Funk 47F VancouverWA00:52:090:16:49F10330 
47 Pamela Tracy 49F Battle GroundWA00:53:420:17:19F10431 
48 David Tracy 66M Battle GroundWA00:53:470:17:21M14217 
49 Ilana Brown 22F VancouverWA01:01:210:19:47F5332 
50 Andrea Smith 23FCamasWA01:01:210:19:47F5233 

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