Race to Remember - Armed Forces Day

2.3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Cason Vandehey 14M  00:16:030:06:58M311 
2 Angela Vandehey 39F  00:18:110:07:54F811 
3 Charis Deitemeyer 13F  00:18:120:07:55F312 
4 Richard Miller 35M  00:19:040:08:17M812 
5 Scott Miller 60M  00:19:330:08:30M1313 
6 Catalina Chhim 14F  00:19:370:08:32F323 
7 Karmay Miller 47F  00:20:130:08:47F1014 
8 Mike Anke 63M  00:20:190:08:50M1324 
9 Patrick Griffith 54M  00:21:330:09:22M1115 
10 Amanda Matz 42F  00:22:490:09:55F915 
11 Nelly Mccartney 53F  00:22:560:09:58F1116 
12 Nicole Peveler 44F  00:25:530:11:15F927 
13 Lisa Grover 52F  00:25:570:11:17F1128 
14 Sue Mcdonald 62F  00:26:370:11:34F1319 
15 Daniel States 67M  00:27:510:12:07M1416 
16 Santiago Chhim 12M  00:28:020:12:11M327 
17 Jennifer Lyman 41F  00:28:380:12:27F9310 
18 Charlene Bluth 51F  00:28:430:12:29F11311 

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