Harvest Days 5K

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jere Dietz 27M PortlandOR00:18:180:05:54M611 
2 Katarina Mueller 26F VancouverWA00:19:460:06:22F611 
3 Abby Knight 24F VancouverWA00:19:590:06:27F512 
4 Dylan Walker 15M  00:21:220:06:54M412 
5 Pam Mckinney 49F VancouverWA00:22:500:07:22F1013 
6 Mark Staub 62M VancouverWA00:23:060:07:27M1313 
7 Garrett Woelfel 27M VancouverWA00:24:150:07:49M624 
8 Shawn Kepfer 36M VancouverWA00:24:490:08:00M815 
9 Jose Gomez 45M  00:24:570:08:03M1016 
10 Christopher Wetzel 47M VancouverWA00:25:030:08:05M1027 
11 Michael Mckinney 49M VancouverWA00:25:040:08:05M1038 
12 Parker Poche 8MAmboyWA00:27:150:08:48M219 
13 Josh Finstad 26M VancouverWA00:27:220:08:50M6310 
14 Lansing Belt 71MYacoltWA00:29:080:09:24M15111 
15 Meghan Green 38FRidgefieldWA00:30:120:09:45F814 
16 Evalynn Woelfel 57FAmboyWA00:30:260:09:49F1215 
17 Jeffrey Ward 46MWindsor LocksCT00:30:330:09:51M10412 
18 Jaqueline Erickson 37FLa CenterWA00:31:050:10:02F826 
19 Dawn Offerman 65FReedsportOR00:31:110:10:04F1417 
20 Mechell Orr 42F VancouverWA00:31:390:10:13F918 
21 Charlene Bluth 51F VancouverWA00:31:560:10:18F1119 
22 Joshua Peralta 9MTumwaterWA00:32:000:10:19M2213 
23 Amie Dohman 46F VancouverWA00:32:110:10:23F10210 
24 Somer Calvin 32F VancouverWA00:32:230:10:27F7111 
25 Jason Otto 41MYacoltWA00:32:280:10:28M9114 
26 Kaleb Smith 40M VancouverWA00:32:530:10:36M9215 
27 Gloria Garcia 51M VancouverWA00:33:590:10:58M11116 
28 Darlene Burruss 58F VancouverWA00:34:130:11:02F12212 
29 Heather Lindberg 34F VancouverWA00:34:330:11:09F7213 
30 Allison Allworth 28F VancouverWA00:34:350:11:09F6214 
31 Patrick Woelfel 58MAmboyWA00:34:450:11:12M12117 
32 Claire Clark 9F Battle GroundWA00:34:520:11:15F2115 
33 Ken Turney 65M VancouverWA00:35:130:11:22M14118 
34 Kim Davis 38F Battle GroundWA00:36:360:11:48F8316 
35 Logan Smith 10MMolallaOR00:37:280:12:05M3119 
36 Molly Sprague 31FAmboyWA00:37:280:12:05F7317 
37 Audrey Cruz 7F Battle GroundWA00:37:480:12:12F2218 
38 Lilyam Peralta 10FTumwaterWA00:37:490:12:12F3119 
39 Owen Clark 10M Battle GroundWA00:39:130:12:39M3220 
40 Megan Joseph 42F VancouverWA00:39:510:12:51F9220 
41 Mauricio Gracia 27M VancouverWA00:40:060:12:56M6421 
42 Jonathan Cruz 30M Battle GroundWA00:40:230:13:02M7122 
43 Megan Cruz 30F Battle GroundWA00:40:240:13:02F7421 
44 Lucy Cruz 5F Battle GroundWA00:40:240:13:02F2322 
45 Kirsten Shelton 37F Battle GroundWA00:42:400:13:46F8423 
46 Jessica Haberman 34F Battle GroundWA00:42:400:13:46F7524 
47 Lanay Delong 71F VancouverWA00:43:390:14:05F15125 
48 Sherri Smith 51F VancouverWA00:43:410:14:05F11226 
49 Leann Wilkins 42FWashougalWA00:45:190:14:37F9327 
50 Marie Cyphers 48F Battle GroundWA00:46:060:14:52F10328 
51 Alyssa Yozamp 13F  00:46:070:14:52F3229 
52 Cameron Smith 7FMolallaOR00:46:280:14:59F2430 
53 Sarah Clark 38FBattle GeoundWA00:46:330:15:01F8531 
54 Elisabeth Veneman 38F VancouverWA00:46:520:15:07F8632 
55 Nicole Smith 38FMolallaOR00:47:550:15:27F8733 
56 Clayton Poche 6MAmboyWA00:48:460:15:44M2323 
57 Stacy Peralta 40FTumwaterWA00:48:480:15:44F9434 
58 Birdie Halbach 43F VancouverWA00:52:090:16:49F9535 
59 Angela Pagel 40F Battle GroundWA00:57:560:18:41F9636 
60 Amy Pace 40F Battle GroundWA00:57:570:18:41F9737 
61 Mike Shank 29M VancouverWA01:00:040:19:23M6524 
62 Mister Andrews 16M VancouverWA01:00:040:19:23M4225 
63 Karlee Cushman 6F Battle GroundWA01:03:150:20:24F2538 
64 Frank Rak 50M Battle GroundWA01:03:150:20:24M11226 

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