Hagg Lake 5K Run

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Tim Becken 52MVernoniaOR00:21:070:06:49M1111 
2 Taylor Caldwell 25M PortlandOR00:21:390:06:59M612 
3 Pete Hansen 51MForest GroveOR00:22:110:07:09M1123 
4 Kadyn Eves 13MMolallaOR00:23:020:07:26M314 
5 Lance Eves 48MMolallaOR00:23:020:07:26M1015 
6 Paul Zulak 63M PortlandOR00:25:100:08:07M1316 
7 Alan Beck 70MWarrentonOR00:25:260:08:12M1517 
8 Lon Paulson 64M  00:26:200:08:30M1328 
9 Prayudi Widjojo 38M BeavertonOR00:29:020:09:22M819 
10 Julia Vandehey 17FCorneliusOR00:29:210:09:28F411 
11 Sunny Gutierrez 50F PortlandOR00:30:000:09:41F1112 
12 Chris Huson 31MForest GroveOR00:30:060:09:43M7110 
13 Patrick Jonathan 18M BeavertonOR00:32:250:10:27M4111 
14 Julia Reisinger 51F PortlandOR00:32:330:10:30F1123 
15 Tracy Reisinger 51F PortlandOR00:32:450:10:34F1134 
16 Angela Graham 46F PortlandOR00:33:580:10:57F1015 
17 Ethan Graham 10M PortlandOR00:34:070:11:00M3212 
18 Mandy Smith 26FTualatin 00:34:130:11:02F616 
19 Galen Taylor 58MHillsboroOR00:34:130:11:02M12113 
20 Kaelynn Welburn 42FMedfordOR00:34:480:11:14F917 
21 Patty Mccoy 40FHillsboroOR00:35:500:11:34F928 
22 Susan Raymond 51FScappooseOR00:35:510:11:34F1149 
23 Jan Banks 57FTualatinOR00:39:180:12:41F12110 
24 Jason Brown-fletcher 46MNewbergOR00:40:080:12:57M10214 
25 Steve Cartales 55MSherwoodOR00:41:270:13:22M12215 
26 Mary Beymer 53FBanksOR00:43:210:13:59F11511 
27 Shannon Baumann 39F PortlandOR00:43:250:14:00F8112 
28 Kathy Jolly 58F BeavertonOR00:43:360:14:04F12213 
29 John Francis 78MDaytonOR00:43:420:14:06M16116 

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