Klickitat Marathon

26.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Kyle Mcdonald 28MHappy ValleyOR03:31:370:08:05M611 
2 Heather Mcfadden 46FCamasWA03:49:090:08:45F1011 
3 Walter Keeney 22MEugeneOR03:59:220:09:08M512 
4 Cody Myers 27MHillsboroOR04:03:120:09:17M623 
5 Nicholas Bartow 31M BeavertonOR04:03:170:09:17M714 
6 Carter Daume 23FWalla WallaWA04:11:180:09:35F512 
7 David Sieveking 50MBendOR04:11:430:09:36M1115 
8 Bobby Brooks 34MCougarWA04:17:350:09:50M726 
9 Sharon Sieveking 50FBendOR04:31:230:10:21F1113 
10 Robert Erwin 22M PortlandOR04:34:190:10:28M527 
11 Anne Crispino-taylor 62F PortlandOR04:36:450:10:34F1314 
12 Andrew Rose 31MSeattleWA05:03:390:11:35M738 
13 Brian Pendleton 38MMoses LakeWA05:13:310:11:58M819 
14 Letricia Gedgafov 31FCalabasasCA05:17:040:12:06F715 
15 Bryan Mears 59MHood RiverOR05:22:590:12:20M12110 
16 Roberto Hernandez 39MSunnysideWA05:29:150:12:34M8211 
17 Grissvi Medina 36FZillahWA05:34:580:12:47F816 
18 Kristi Timme 39FUniversity PlaceWA05:37:500:12:54F827 
19 Kelly Shipp 35FMissoulaMT05:54:210:13:31F838 
20 Monte Pascual 59MOlympiaWA06:23:110:14:38M12212 
21 Emily Bandy 37FSeattleWA06:44:300:15:26F849 
22 Kelsey Hoffman 29FSeattleWA06:44:300:15:26F6110 
23 Del Scharffenberg 74MMilwaukieOR07:00:390:16:03M15113 

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