Klickitat 5K Trail Run

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Eric Dolezal 35M VancouverWA00:18:510:06:05M811CCRC
2 Ryan Luma 24MThe DallesOR00:19:370:06:20M512 
3 Katarina Mueller 26F VancouverWA00:20:370:06:39F611 
4 Tom Conklin 55MThe DallesOR00:20:420:06:41M1213 
5 Joe Schneider 33M  00:22:470:07:21M714 
6 Madeleine Sellers 59FSkamaniaWA00:24:170:07:50F1212 
7 Dennis Dykes 61MLa CenterWA00:25:370:08:16M1315 
8 Jon Burk 32M  00:27:240:08:50M726 
9 Robert Nittenegg 30M  00:27:550:09:00M737 
10 Robert Hagan 63MStevensonWA00:28:380:09:14M1328 
11 Michael Jablonski 51MBingenWA00:29:260:09:30M1119 
12 Ciaran Mccabe 9MGoldendaleWA00:30:390:09:53M2110 
13 Clayton White 18M  00:31:160:10:05M4111 
14 Theresa Sleight 45F PortlandOR00:31:410:10:13F1013 
15 Myrtice Dobler 27FBattlegroundWA00:31:430:10:14F624 
16 Angela Griglock 35FTualatinOR00:32:180:10:25F815 
17 Chloe Wenz 12FKlickitatWA00:32:310:10:29F316 
18 Sean Mccabe 52MGoldendaleWA00:32:530:10:36M11212 
19 Gerbin Leyendekker 25M  00:33:010:10:39M6113 
20 Ruben Woodall 11M  00:34:050:10:59M3114 
21 Danielle Lower 32FThe DallesOR00:34:090:11:01F717 
22 Kateel Muhs 26FThe DallesOR00:34:320:11:08F638 
23 Jenna Kay 34F VancouverWA00:35:350:11:29F729 
24 Chelsea Nares 34FThe DallesOR00:35:370:11:29F7310 
25 Ethan Howard 11MNorth BonnevilleWA00:37:100:11:59M3215 
26 Karie Rolfe 43FGoldendaleWA00:38:090:12:18F9111 
27 Courtney Cannon 27FLaceyWA00:39:280:12:44F6412 
28 Mykenzie Lilly 22FRichlandWA00:39:400:12:48F5113 
29 Krystal Corbaley 37F  00:40:050:12:56F8214 
30 Angela Chapman 42FWoodburnOR00:40:150:12:59F9215 
31 Shelley Lilly 50FKennewickWA00:40:190:13:00F11116 
32 Cristie Mccabe 51FGoldendaleWA00:42:140:13:38F11217 
33 Gary Daley 40MRidgefieldWA00:42:220:13:40M9116 
34 Amberly Bushell 35FBoardmanOR00:42:380:13:45F8318 
35 Todd Riley 22MRichlandWA00:45:040:14:32M5217 
36 Anhthu Lai 32F BeavertonOR00:45:560:14:49F7419 
37 Quinn Mccabe 11MGoldendaleWA00:47:120:15:13M3318 
38 Orion Atchley 11MKlickitatWA00:47:550:15:27M3419 
39 Stacie Depriest 40FDufurOR00:51:560:16:45F9320 
40 Laura Harrison 57FTerrebonneOR00:53:550:17:24F12221 
41 Gretchen Roake 48FMilwaukieOR00:55:040:17:46F10222 
42 Eva Bryant 59F  00:57:410:18:37F12323 
43 Nancy Matthews 64FBingenWA00:57:490:18:39F13124 
44 Jasmine Mactum 13F  00:59:290:19:11F3225 
45 Isabele Chapman 12F  00:59:530:19:19F3326 
46 Haley Esaacson 17FAppletonWA00:59:570:19:20F4127 
47 Lisa Roake 31F  00:59:580:19:21F7528 
48 Rykee Mcmillan 9FKlickitatWA01:07:550:21:54F2129 
49 Beau Powers 3MKlickitatWA01:08:030:21:57M1120 
50 Dicki Powers 35F  01:08:040:21:58F8430 
51 Yutte Schultz 58MKlickitatWA01:08:100:21:59M12221 
52 Michael Powers 37MKlickitatWA01:08:100:21:59M8222 
53 Sharon Southord 43FKlickitatWA01:59:070:38:25F9431 
54 Oriona Atchley 11FKlickitatWA01:59:070:38:25F3432 

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