Klickitat 5K

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Philip Schmidt 40M PortlandOR00:20:520:06:44M911 
2 Ethan Andrews 17MWhite SalmonWA00:22:430:07:20M412 
3 Austin Tacla 18MGoldendaleWA00:23:590:07:44M423 
4 Madeleine Sellers 60FSkamaniaWA00:24:150:07:49F1311 
5 Ciaran Mccabe 10MGoldendaleWA00:25:000:08:04M314 
6 Quinn Mccabe 12MGoldendaleWA00:25:050:08:05M325 
7 Carly Stinson 22FLaceyWA00:25:200:08:10F512 
8 Leah Robinson 36F PortlandOR00:25:540:08:21F813 
9 Bob Hagan 64MStevensonWA00:25:560:08:22M1316 
10 Dennis Dykes 62MLa CenterWA00:26:020:08:24M1327 
11 Tristan Throop 12MCarsonWA00:27:130:08:47M338 
12 Colton Hollis 10FCarsonWA00:27:130:08:47F314 
13 Gwendolyn Gilliam 13FGoldendaleWA00:27:240:08:50F325 
14 Allison Gilliam 18FGoldendaleWA00:27:260:08:51F416 
15 Christopher Wyatt 34MKlickitatWA00:27:330:08:53M719 
16 Michele Jasperson 50FWhite SalmonWA00:27:450:08:57F1117 
17 Chloe Wenz 13FKlickitatWA00:27:480:08:58F338 
18 Steve Schellenberg 45MWest LinnOR00:27:560:09:01M10110 
19 Estevan Castillo 17MThe DallesOR00:27:560:09:01M4311 
20 Caitlin Devine 10FHood RiverOR00:28:560:09:20F349 
21 Amber Jackson 45FGoldendaleWA00:29:390:09:34F10110 
22 Ravae Oleary 32FForksWA00:30:420:09:54F7111 
23 Tianji Ma 16MLyleWA00:31:070:10:02M4412 
24 Cami Eyre 32FOthelloWA00:31:240:10:08F7212 
25 Cindy Berkshire 46FGoldendaleWA00:31:530:10:17F10213 
26 Danielle Folliard 51F Oregon CityOR00:32:020:10:20F11214 
27 Sean Mccabe 53MGoldendaleWA00:32:230:10:27M11113 
28 Rosie Hegge 36FHood RiverOR00:32:330:10:30F8215 
29 Scott Bryant 60MHood RiverOR00:32:330:10:30M13314 
30 Farley Howell 66M Lake OswegoOR00:34:180:11:04M14115 
31 Cristie Mccabe 52FGoldendaleWA00:34:270:11:07F11316 
32 Jarrett Devin 8MHood RiverOR00:34:280:11:07M2116 
33 Kirsten Wilson 44FAlohaOR00:34:300:11:08F9117 
34 Susan Fedler 27FKeizerOR00:35:100:11:21F6118 
35 Tonya Wyatt 33FKlickitatWA00:35:580:11:36F7319 
36 Shana Mattson 36FSelahWA00:36:000:11:37F8320 
37 Chris Fedler 22MKeizerOR00:36:100:11:40M5117 
38 Katy Gilliam 39FGoldendaleWA00:39:070:12:37F8421 
39 Sundby Alicia 40FStevensonWA00:39:130:12:39F9222 
40 Brandon Essex 35MKlickitatWA00:39:140:12:39M8118 
41 David Luke 60M WA00:39:360:12:47M13419 
42 Amy Wenz 41FKlickitatWA00:40:040:12:56F9323 
43 Tia Allred 28FOthelloWA00:41:040:13:15F6224 
44 Misty Wolf 38FWhite SalmonWA00:41:050:13:15F8525 
45 Lillian Serna 62FStevensonWA00:41:050:13:15F13226 
46 Hannah Talley 47FMoroOR00:41:380:13:26F10327 
47 Olivia Fauth 11FStevensonWA00:41:380:13:26F3528 
48 Ami Trosley 44FStevensonWA00:41:380:13:26F9429 
49 Faith Kempf 49FHusumWA00:42:240:13:41F10430 
50 Brenda Hilligoss 55FYakimaWA00:42:510:13:49F12131 
51 Walter Olson 67MPrescottAZ00:42:530:13:50M14220 
52 Brynn Dawson 0FLyleOR00:42:560:13:51 032 
53 Erica Templeton 42FThe DallesOR00:44:020:14:12F9533 
54 Dulcy Niemela 50FBillingsMT00:44:320:14:22F11434 
55 Mary Essex 35FKlickitatWA00:45:160:14:36F8635 
56 Stephanie Essex 53FCentervilleWA00:45:190:14:37F11536 
57 Tim Essex 53MCentervilleWA00:45:260:14:39M11221 
58 Vanessa Bishop 32FFairviewOR00:46:060:14:52F7437 
59 Danyell Beyer 32FKlickitatWA00:46:300:15:00F7538 
60 Sherri Ginnett 30FThe DallesOR00:46:510:15:07F7639 
61 Douglas Ginnett 30MThe DallesOR00:46:590:15:09M7222 
62 Gretchen Roake 49FMilwaukieOR00:47:210:15:16F10540 
63 Kellie Schellenberg 45FWest LinnOR00:48:580:15:48F10641 
64 Poseidon Essex 9MKlickitatWA00:49:000:15:49M2223 
65 Axel Sabedia 10MKlickitatWA00:49:020:15:49M3424 
66 Deidra Clack 31FKlickitatWA00:49:160:15:53F7742 
67 Sean Oneal 12MStevensonWA00:49:490:16:04M3525 
68 Greta Throop 46FKlickitatWA00:49:510:16:05F10743 
69 David Roake 34MSilvertonOR00:50:440:16:22M7326 
70 Donna Brewer 63FKlickitatWA00:50:490:16:24F13344 
71 Greta Gilliam 11FGoldendaleWA00:51:070:16:29F3645 
72 Nancy Matthews 65FBingenWA00:51:400:16:40F14146 
73 Bekah Howell 21FThe DallesOR00:51:400:16:40F5247 
74 Matthew Brewer 26MThe DallesOR00:51:400:16:40M6127 
75 Gena Arthur 57FWascoOR00:51:410:16:40F12248 
76 Grant Devine 5MHood RiverOR00:51:410:16:40M2328 
77 Rebecca Hilderbrand 31FWascoOR00:51:490:16:43F7849 
78 Brian Devin 37MHood RiverOR00:51:530:16:44M8229 
79 Becky Templeton 36FKlickitatWA00:53:240:17:14F8750 
80 Arnie Arbuckle 60MPort LudlowWA00:55:250:17:53M13530 
81 Marydykes Dykes 67FLa CenterWA00:57:160:18:28F14251 
82 Eva Bryant 60MHood RiverOR01:03:390:20:32M13631 
83 Mike Schlanger 66MKlickitatWA01:04:090:20:42M14332 
84 Bob Gibbs 79MKlickitatWA01:04:090:20:42M16133 
85 Jenny Fedler 52FKeizerOR01:07:590:21:56F11652 
86 Wally Jones 45M PortlandOR02:31:560:49:00M10234 
87 Lisa Durkin 34F PortlandOR02:31:560:49:01F7953 
88 Martin Jones 25M PortlandOR02:32:500:49:18M6235 

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