Klicitat Marathon

26.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Dustin Welch 32MHood RiverOR03:07:470:07:10M711 
2 Eric Yan 34M PortlandOR03:11:230:07:18M722 
3 Jeffrey Yamada 58MYakimaWA03:49:240:08:45M1213 
4 Dean Cisco 28MSummervilleOR04:08:350:09:29M614 
5 Dan Chapman 44MMcminnvilleOR04:10:580:09:35M915 
6 David Mcburney 49MRichlandWA04:11:080:09:35M1016 
7 Thomas Cox 32MChicoCA04:15:060:09:44M737 
8 Mark Chamley 65MHood RiverOR04:20:480:09:57M1418 
9 Meredith Devine 37FHood RiverOR04:22:520:10:02F811 
10 Diana Wojsznis 43F PortlandOR04:37:260:10:35F912 
11 Heather Mcfadden 45FCamasWA04:44:530:10:52F1013 
12 Jodi Murray 52FWashougalWA04:53:070:11:11F1114 
13 Sarah Goble 40FSeattleWA04:58:280:11:24F925 
14 Mary Aiwohi 59FSummervilleOR05:01:040:11:29F1216 
15 Lael Papenfuse 23FNewbergOR05:06:320:11:42F517 
16 Shawn Bechtol 34MLyleWA05:45:390:13:12M749 
17 Sydney Kuther 21FMoscowID05:49:210:13:20F528 

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