Up the Lazy River 10K Walk

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Ron Rushford 74M VancouverWA01:06:140:10:41M1511 
2 Lawrence Koran 56MWest LinnOR01:13:040:11:47M1212 
3 Carolyn Grassman 65FWest LinnOR01:13:250:11:50F1411 
4 Dan Dahlke 56MEstacadaOR01:13:270:11:51M1223 
5 Lizzie Cheney 60F PortlandOR01:16:410:12:22F1312 
6 Allen Sandstrom 79M BeavertonOR01:23:170:13:26M1614 
7 Janice Moss 62F PortlandOR01:23:280:13:28F1323 
8 Richard Bemrose 75MGreshamOR01:23:400:13:30M1625 
9 Stuart Munro 59MSaint HelensOR01:26:380:13:58M1236 
10 Fenny Roberts 64FSalemOR01:26:560:14:01F1334 
11 Andrea Speck-zulak 70F PortlandOR01:27:200:14:05F1515 
12 Linda Smith 66F PortlandOR01:27:210:14:05F1426 
13 Jennifer Hitchcock 52FCanbyOR01:29:350:14:27F1117 
14 Morgan Hitchcock 17FCanbyOR01:29:350:14:27F418 
15 Rebecca Aldrich 59FHillsboroOR01:30:230:14:35F1219 
16 Kari Duncan 39F Oregon CityOR01:30:430:14:38F8110 
17 Caye Poe 74FDaytonOR01:31:360:14:46F15211 
18 Alicia Ackerman 42FWilsonvilleOR01:35:030:15:20F9112 
19 Jeanne Holt 53F TigardOR01:36:200:15:32F11213 
20 Leslie Rychlik 48F PortlandOR01:37:110:15:40F10114 
21 Julie Concannon 59F PortlandOR01:37:110:15:40F12215 
22 Melissa Rinehart 48F VancouverWA01:38:000:15:48F10216 
23 Gail Gartner 74FCanbyOR01:38:070:15:50F15317 
24 Patrick Barry 66M VancouverWA01:38:380:15:55M1417 
25 Irene Rodegerdts 44F PortlandOR01:39:510:16:06F9218 
26 Ralph Brown 73MCorneiulsOR01:42:370:16:33M1528 
27 Elizabeth Fox 36F PortlandOR01:42:400:16:34F8219 
28 Barb Agrimson 56FGladstoneOR01:45:150:16:59F12320 
29 Julie Agrimson 21FGladstoneOR01:45:160:16:59F5121 
30 Megan Phelan 39FWest LinnOR01:45:170:16:59F8322 
31 Norman Salas 68M BeavertonOR01:46:140:17:08M1429 
32 Pat Salas 64F BeavertonOR01:46:200:17:09F13423 
33 Eduardo Navarro 17M  01:51:290:17:59M4110 
34 Betty Lavis 79F VancouverWA01:53:120:18:15F16124 
35 Lynell Hoffer 59FMount AngelOR01:55:370:18:39F12425 
36 Justin Dale 24M BeavertonOR01:56:050:18:43M5111 
37 Kelly Smith 24F BeavertonOR01:56:090:18:44F5226 
38 Clarissa Navarro 15F  02:01:560:19:40F4227 
39 Demetra Ashling 49F BeavertonOR02:04:170:20:03F10328 

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