Taste of Parkrose 5K Run

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Eric Hartman 50M  00:17:380:05:41M1111 
2 Kyla Becker 16F  00:18:250:05:57F411 
3 Brandon Sears 31M  00:18:350:05:59M712 
4 Rohit Grover 42M  00:20:030:06:28M913 
5 Susan Hay 54F  00:20:190:06:33F1112 
6 Katy Sears 35F  00:21:160:06:51F813 
7 Kailey Sears 33F  00:21:200:06:53F714 
8 Tim Swietlik 59M  00:21:290:06:56M1214 
9 John Foland 48M  00:22:070:07:08M1015 
10 Rex Hansen 18M  00:24:590:08:04M416 
11 Brent Moore 44M  00:25:050:08:05M927 
12 Beth Reddekopp 38F  00:25:350:08:15F825 
13 Kori Basquez 39F  00:26:390:08:36F836 
14 Kimberly Lacroix 35F  00:28:200:09:08F847 
15 Brian Hansen 57M  00:28:230:09:09M1228Team Red Lizard
16 Carlea Sundin 24F  00:28:560:09:20F518 
17 Eric Stead 47M  00:29:010:09:22M1029 
18 Justin Laabs 34M  00:29:580:09:40M7210 
19 Brigitte Dimmitt 57F  00:30:070:09:43F1219 
20 Stephen Fenno 37M  00:30:380:09:53M8111 
21 Annette Adams 59F  00:30:560:09:59F12210 
22 Natalia Schlauch 35F  00:31:370:10:12F8511 
23 Jennica Waltman 31F  00:32:030:10:20F7212 
24 Vy Nguyen 13F  00:33:550:10:57F3113 
25 Brin Nguyen 6M  00:33:560:10:57M2112 
26 Max Gummer 32M  00:35:060:11:19M7313 
27 Rebekah Rogalsky 30F  00:35:110:11:21F7314 
28 Noel Mickelberry 30F  00:35:370:11:29F7415 
29 Eileen Holzman 74F  00:35:480:11:33F15116 
30 Gayla Lloyd 56F  00:35:530:11:34F12317 
31 Tracey Spencer 45F  00:35:530:11:35F10118 
32 Andrea Moore 45F  00:35:540:11:35F10219 
33 Sara Fenno 34F  00:35:540:11:35F7520 
34 Jill Gray 45F  00:37:160:12:01F10321 
35 Julia Heineck 8F  00:40:240:13:02F2122 
36 James Nolen 9M  00:40:300:13:04M2214 
37 Krista Nolen 35F  00:40:310:13:04F8623 
38 Jill Beaver 57F  00:40:510:13:11F12424 
39 Linda Burgard 64F  00:41:150:13:18F13125 
40 Elizabeth Luchini 62F  00:41:150:13:18F13226 
41 Marci Herrall 31F  00:41:250:13:22F7627 
42 Mike Hess 67M  00:43:330:14:03M14115 
43 Asher Coenson 6M  00:43:440:14:06M2316 
44 Drew Prazeau 32M  00:43:470:14:07M7417 
45 Megan Coenson 34F  00:43:490:14:08F7728 
46 Jessica Nguyen 7F  00:47:020:15:10F2229 
47 Minh Nguyen 49M  00:47:030:15:11M10318 
48 Faiga Diegel 38F  00:48:090:15:32F8730 
49 Lorraine Bowman 30F  00:48:100:15:32F7831 
50 Vaclav Jelinek 18M  00:48:220:15:36M4219 
51 Finn Haake 17M  00:48:220:15:36M4320 
52 Nancy Matthews 64F  00:48:550:15:47F13332 
53 Chris Bracis 69F  01:00:130:19:25F14133 
54 Emre Wilson 34F  01:00:130:19:26F7934 
55 Sylvia Hess 66F  01:00:140:19:26F14235 
56 Jessica Spicher 31F  01:01:540:19:58F71036 
57 Linda Johnson 58F  01:01:550:19:58F12537 

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