Race to Rember 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Kristen Thomas 35F  00:59:270:09:35F811 
2 Scott Schmitz 30M  01:01:050:09:51M711 
3 Diana Ohaver 31F  01:02:460:10:07F712 
4 Vanessa Lahuis 41F  01:03:020:10:10F913 
5 Aaron Howard 48M  01:03:510:10:18M1012 
6 Kevin Corbett 39M  01:04:360:10:25M813 
7 Chris Hupp 46M  01:08:250:11:02M1024 
8 Patrick Davis 53M  01:08:370:11:04M1115 
9 Vicki Davis 45F  01:08:370:11:04F1014 
10 Daniel Bloom 43M  01:08:370:11:04M916 
11 Barry Zimmerman 51M  01:09:190:11:11M1127 
12 Randall Hledik 66M  01:09:200:11:11M1418 
13 Chloe Allen-maylock 0F  01:09:490:11:16 05 
14 Mariella Pachl 59F  01:09:570:11:17F1216 
15 Jared Renning 29M  01:10:270:11:22M619 
16 Kerry Furimsky 42F  01:10:410:11:24F927 
17 Erica Diede 34F  01:11:510:11:35F728 
18 Rebecca Von 40F  01:12:090:11:38F939 
19 Jessica Fitch 39F  01:12:090:11:38F8210 
20 Kristie Fagerness 38F  01:13:540:11:55F8311 
21 Alma Perea 30F  01:14:100:11:58F7312 
22 Megan Foley 30F  01:14:110:11:58F7413 
23 Tonya Pachl 28F  01:14:180:11:59F6114 
24 Tiffany Pachl 30F  01:14:260:12:00F7515 
25 Don Fry 64M  01:14:330:12:01M13110 
26 Brandi Wiese 28F  01:15:260:12:10F6216 
27 Deborah Franzen 63F  01:16:150:12:18F13117 
28 Cheryl Raeburn 62F  01:17:010:12:25F13218 
29 Jessica Davis 40F  01:18:180:12:38F9419 
30 Kristen Bloom 40F  01:19:410:12:51F9520 
31 Carter Lippert 32F  01:19:410:12:51F7621 
32 Eric Lippert 34M  01:19:420:12:51M7211 
33 Alison Cody 51F  01:21:480:13:12F11122 
34 Bonnie Wilson 38F  01:25:390:13:49F8423 
35 Greg Hawes 60M  01:31:530:14:49M13212 
36 Baxter Myers 20F  01:40:430:16:15F5124 

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