Race To Rember 11K

6.82 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Rolf Vellek 48M VancouverWA00:45:440:06:42M1011 
2 Jeff Abel 59M VancouverWA00:49:480:07:18M1212 
3 Austin Steimle 20M  00:49:550:07:19M513 
4 Rithi Soeung 43M BeavertonOR00:50:100:07:21M914 
5 Chris Matson 47M  00:51:080:07:30M1025 
6 Patti Gray 59F VancouverWA00:51:180:07:31F1211 
7 Terry Obrien 59M VancouverWA00:52:060:07:38M1226 
8 Joe Rowley 63MTroutdaleOR00:52:380:07:43M1317 
9 Adria Charles 28FRidgefieldWA00:54:510:08:03F612 
10 Donald Macallister 49M WoodlandWA00:56:100:08:14M1038 
11 Rachelle Monson 47F  00:56:460:08:19F1013 
12 Alex Perea 0M  00:58:130:08:32 09 
13 Annie Chen 23F PortlandOR00:58:210:08:33F514 
14 Barry Zimmerman 51M VancouverWA00:59:010:08:39M11110 
15 Amber Hall 44F VancouverWA00:59:120:08:41F915 
16 Teresa Grubb 55F VancouverWA01:02:120:09:07F1226 
17 Rev.johnpatr Riley,csc 60M PortlandOR01:03:540:09:22M13211 
18 Alan Stonewall 70MBrush PrairieWA01:04:060:09:24M15112 
19 Lori Koeb 47F VancouverWA01:04:190:09:26F1027 
20 Casey Westby 49FGulf ShoresAL01:04:530:09:31F1038 
21 Niki Vigorito 33F VancouverWA01:05:460:09:39F719 
22 Cheryl Pattison 35FWashougalWA01:05:460:09:39F8110 
23 Adam Pattison 35MWashougalWA01:05:480:09:39M8113 
24 Robert Hayes 75MCorneliusOR01:07:340:09:54M16114 
25 Jessica Graham 40FCamasWA01:07:510:09:57F9211 
26 Leslie Mcleod 39FForest GroveOR01:08:010:09:58F8212 
27 Corrina Austin 43F PortlandOR01:09:400:10:13F9313 
28 Mark Francis 55M PortlandOR01:09:410:10:13M12315 
29 Matthew Steimle 50M  01:11:020:10:25M11216 
30 Katie Trescott 33FTacomaWA01:12:070:10:35F7214 
31 Charity Marshall 44F  01:12:420:10:40F9515 
32 Megan Hubbard 42FCastle RockWA01:12:420:10:40F9416 
33 Jordan Bermingham 45M PortlandOR01:12:490:10:41M10417 
34 Beth Matson 47F VancouverWA01:13:100:10:44F10417 
35 Willena Stanley 44F Battle GroundWA01:14:290:10:55F9618 
36 Kristine Juhola 31FMilwaukieOR01:14:300:10:55F7319 
37 Crystal Petrie 42F VancouverWA01:14:480:10:58F9720 
38 Suzan Olarick 50F VancouverWA01:14:490:10:58F11121 
39 Jonathan Cruz 30FBattlegroundWA01:16:010:11:09F7422 
40 Bonnie Wilson 38F PortlandOR01:20:080:11:45F8323 
41 Edgardo Campos 54MSalemOR01:21:540:12:00M11318 
42 Kirby Juhola 69MMilwaukieOR01:21:540:12:01M14119 
43 Lenore Shafer 48F TigardOR01:27:320:12:50F10524 
44 Lisa Lathrop 57F VancouverWA01:31:420:13:27F12325 
45 Michael Ashburn 38M VancouverWA01:31:430:13:27M8220 
46 Adrienne Blohm 39F VancouverWA01:31:430:13:27F8426 
47 Yvonne Michelsen 51F VancouverWA01:31:430:13:27F11227 
48 Rick Lathrop 63M VancouverWA01:31:430:13:27M13321 
49 Ian Alexander 51M VancouverWA01:35:490:14:03M11422 
50 Constance Abney 46FCorbettOR01:41:410:14:55F10628 
51 Mandi Sutherland 34F Oregon CityOR01:41:410:14:55F7529 
52 Kate Kaznowska 42F  01:55:130:16:54F9830 

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