Race to Rember Veterans 11K

6.82 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 William Sayers 39M  00:42:550:06:18M811 
2 Rolf Vellek 50M  00:45:140:06:38M1112 
3 Phil Cavazos 49M  00:47:280:06:58M1013 
4 Evan Moreland 25M  00:48:540:07:10M614 
5 Christopher Hanson 48M  00:50:140:07:22M1025 
6 Heather Yuhas-howe 55F  00:55:240:08:07F1211 
7 Josh Heinrich 42M  00:56:300:08:17M916 
8 Barry Zimmerman 53M  00:59:510:08:47M1127 
9 Francisco Hernandez 47M  01:01:210:08:59M1038 
10 Richard(rick) Wuitschick 65M  01:04:500:09:30M1419 
11 Mechele Knable 56F  01:08:040:09:59F1222 
12 Cara Tang 30F  01:08:150:10:00F713 
13 Vanessa Lahuis 42F  01:10:440:10:22F914 
14 Papajay Kitchin 71M  01:11:420:10:31M15110 
15 Bob Winchester 58M  01:14:080:10:52M12111 
16 Wyatt Tindall 10M  01:14:220:10:54M3112 
17 Kristi Tindall 42F  01:14:220:10:54F925 
18 Kim Graves 38F  01:16:570:11:17F816 
19 Angie Davis 40F  01:19:510:11:43F937 
20 Marlo Hernandez 42F  01:21:000:11:53F948 
21 Cheryl Raeburn 63F  01:24:080:12:20F1319 
22 Josh Graves 39M  01:36:340:14:10M8213 
23 Lori King 54F  01:43:050:15:07F11110 
24 Prima Brotton 53F  01:43:060:15:07F11211 
25 Nancy Bamford 71F  01:49:410:16:05F15112 

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