Race to Rember Veterans 5K

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Adrian Cois 30M  00:18:530:06:05M711 
2 Abi Rounds 13F  00:22:000:07:06F311 
3 Robert George 35M  00:22:010:07:06M812 
4 Clayton Mathewson 63M  00:24:120:07:48M1313 
5 Cassie Sanchez 30F  00:26:310:08:33F712 
6 Chris Sanchez 30M  00:26:310:08:33M724 
7 Tom Harris 73M  00:26:540:08:40M1515 
8 Lisa Rounds 41F  00:27:250:08:51F913 
9 Don Johnson 43M  00:28:120:09:06M916 
10 Jaeden Jones 7M  00:29:160:09:27M217 
11 Donivee Jones 40F  00:29:170:09:27F924 
12 Art Roper 78M  00:29:170:09:27M1618 
13 Anke Yarnell 42F  00:29:190:09:27F935 
14 Pat Henderson 42M  00:29:210:09:28M929 
15 Jeff Anderson 43M  00:29:440:09:35M9310 
16 Cody Norris 27M  00:30:070:09:43M6111 
17 William Thompson 39M  00:30:430:09:54M8212 
18 Hanna Ayersthompson 40F  00:30:430:09:55F946 
19 Janette Seifert 39F  00:30:530:09:58F817 
20 William Norrisjr. 56M  00:31:550:10:18M12113 
21 Jaylee Walter 22F  00:33:390:10:51F518 
22 Jessica Ulmer 29F  00:33:410:10:52F619 
23 Jesse Enemark 38M  00:33:580:10:57M8314 
24 Rebecca Enemark 43F  00:33:580:10:57F9510 
25 Laura Medved 50F  00:34:010:10:59F11111 
26 Rebecca Tanner 36F  00:35:120:11:21F8212 
27 Jennifer Joy 45F  00:35:410:11:31F10113 
28 Morgan White 21F  00:35:410:11:31F5214 
29 Kimberly Pecci 41F  00:35:410:11:31F9615 
30 Megan Allen 35F  00:36:410:11:50F8316 
31 Ellen Dass 37F  00:37:020:11:57F8417 
32 Sue Mcdonald 64F  00:37:220:12:03F13118 
33 Shirley Tiner 42F  00:37:370:12:08F9719 
34 Daniel States 69M  00:38:290:12:25M14115 
35 Mike Noel 50M  00:38:560:12:34M11116 
36 Jackie Wilson 42F  00:39:550:12:52F9820 
37 Kari Koenig 43F  00:40:170:12:59F9921 
38 Shari Kirschenman 73F  00:41:330:13:24F15122 
39 Tim Melcher 41M  00:42:020:13:34M9417 
40 Vicki Whalen 56F  00:43:230:13:59F12123 
41 Unidentified Bib332 0N  00:44:330:14:22 10 
42 Ryder Hanson 12M  00:45:190:14:37M3118 
43 Nikki Hanson 48F  00:45:190:14:37F10224 
44 Lana Brown 29F  00:45:390:14:43F6225 
45 Deanne Snedeker 61F  00:46:570:15:09F13226 
46 Liz Mcclafferty 31F  00:47:500:15:26F7227 
47 James Mcclafferty 58M  00:47:510:15:26M12219 
48 Kim Kirschenman 66M  00:48:300:15:39M14220 
49 Tabitha Isaacson 30F  00:48:500:15:45F7328 
50 Heather Worthington 39F  00:48:540:15:47F8529 
51 Rita Chan 64F  00:50:050:16:09F13330 
52 Jessica Tindall 14F  00:50:490:16:24F3231 
53 Shane Tindall 45M  00:50:510:16:24M10121 
54 Ronan Isaacson 30F  00:50:550:16:25F7432 
55 Camden Wulf 30M  00:51:020:16:28M7322 
56 Naomi Davis 72F  00:51:370:16:39F15233 
57 Ron Draper 87M  00:52:190:16:53M18123 
58 Bryanaa Graves 30F  00:52:380:16:59F7534 
59 Rick Stover 62M  00:55:390:17:57M13224 

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