Race To Remember Half Marathon

13.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Matt Krier 35MEdmondsWA01:22:110:06:16M811 
2 Addison Smee 14M  01:26:190:06:35M312 
3 Tom Kahl 40M PortlandOR01:29:480:06:51M913 
4 Kyle Danielle 25M  01:35:160:07:16M614 
5 Cherie Sanada 36F  01:37:220:07:26F811 
6 Brian Graham 40M VancouverWA01:37:410:07:27M925 
7 Michael Grant 41M PortlandOR01:38:280:07:31M936 
8 Stephen Flach 44M VancouverWA01:43:530:07:56M947 
9 John Bruckner 54MBanksOR01:43:560:07:56M1118 
10 Heaqther Mcfadden 44F  01:44:070:07:57F912 
11 Unidentified Bib240 0N  01:46:040:08:06 10 
12 Kati Hengel 25F PortlandOR01:46:170:08:07F613 
13 Lon Embley 31MAnchorageAK01:47:040:08:10M719 
14 Barret Seifer 47MFederal WayWA01:47:380:08:13M10110 
15 Brandon Trinidad 36MRidgefieldWA01:51:380:08:31M8211 
16 Cecilia Mains 32F VancouverWA01:55:150:08:48F714 
17 John Bennett 54MSurbitonSU01:56:200:08:53M11212 
18 Julia Khvasechko 43F PortlandOR01:58:010:09:01F925 
19 Shane Garling 45M PortlandOR01:58:060:09:01M10213 
20 Annette Harris 57F PortlandOR02:00:460:09:13F1216 
21 John Rudi 55M VancouverWA02:01:260:09:16M12114 
22 Alma Perea 0F  02:01:480:09:18 17 
23 Kim Vu 51F  02:04:200:09:29F1118 
24 Praveen Sharabu 51M PortlandOR02:06:470:09:41M11315 
25 Mary Courtright 33FAlohaOR02:07:280:09:44F729 
26 Ben Gregory 28M PortlandOR02:10:160:09:57M6216 
27 Keith Bloss 61MVancouverCA02:10:460:09:59M13117 
28 Angela Niger 28F BeavertonOR02:12:070:10:05F6210 
29 Papajay Kitchin 69M VancouverWA02:13:440:10:12M14118 
30 Steven Sandor 76M VancouverWA02:17:230:10:29M16119 
31 Allison Lewey 25FAlohaOR02:21:360:10:49F6311 
32 Sandra Rodriguez 49FOak HarborWA02:26:310:11:11F10112 
33 David Trotter 55M  02:31:120:11:33M12220 
34 Allen Sandstrom 79M BeavertonOR02:50:240:13:00M16221 
35 Melinda Hough 38FTumwaterWA02:54:500:13:21F8213 

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