Run-A-Ree Community Run Hudson's Ba

2.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Adam Mcbrown 19MUnattached 00:12:280:05:40M411 
2 Haben Weldemarian 18MUnattached 00:12:380:05:45M422 
3 Andres Soloreano-james 17MUnattached 00:12:450:05:48M433 
4 Joshua Verrinder 18MUnattached 00:13:490:06:17M444 
5 Edwards 24MUnattached 00:14:300:06:35M515 
6 Sean Flynn 20MUnattached 00:14:310:06:36M526 
7 Eric Saueraecker 37MUnattached 00:14:380:06:39M817 
8 Anthony Williams 17MUnattached 00:14:530:06:46M458 
9 Mark Phelan 37MUnattached 00:14:580:06:48M829 
10 Emerson Johnson 17MUnattached 00:15:010:06:49M4610 
11 Paul Furst 21MUnattached 00:15:100:06:53M5311 
12 Adam Scheats 16MUnattached 00:15:210:06:59M4712 
13 Dylan Young 18MUnattached 00:15:350:07:05M4813 
14 Daniel Stelmakh 17MUnattached 00:15:530:07:13M4914 
15 Dongyun Syan 16MUnattached 00:16:000:07:17M41015 
16 Greg Peavey 31MUnattached 00:16:260:07:28M7116 
17 Summer Brands 5FUnattached 00:16:290:07:30F211 
18 Connor Larue 15MUnattached 00:16:300:07:30M41117 
19 Cosoelts Lansley 16MUnattached 00:16:310:07:31M41218 
20 Matthew Terry 15MUnattached 00:16:550:07:41M41319 
21 Christian Cramblett 20MUnattached 00:17:080:07:47M5420 
22 Jooeny Rivera 17MUnattached 00:17:140:07:50M41421 
23 Nelson Zepeda 14MUnattached 00:17:240:07:54M3122 
24 Tim Waldhaus 36MUnattached 00:17:280:07:56M8323 
25 Benjamin Merrill 15MUnattached 00:17:300:07:57M41524 
26 Madison Merrill 17FUnattached 00:17:320:07:58F412 
27 Brianna Benitez 15FUnattached 00:17:350:07:59F423 
28 Sofia Soto 8FUnattached 00:17:390:08:01F224 
29 Alfred Frakes 54MUnattached 00:17:440:08:04M11125 
30 Russ Zornick 62MUnattached 00:17:490:08:06M13126CCRC
31 Ryan Ichimura 39MUnattached 00:18:300:08:25M8427 
32 Aidan Billingsley 16MUnattached 00:18:450:08:31M41628 
33 John Swatosh 62MUnattached 00:19:030:08:39M13229 
34 Lisa Giacchuns 52FUnattached 00:19:130:08:44F1115 
35 Eliana Duff 17FUnattached 00:19:180:08:46F436 
36 Ben Brewer 33MUnattached 00:19:230:08:49M7230 
37 Jon Popi 14MUnattached 00:19:590:09:05M3231 
38 Kent Burns 67MUnattached 00:20:120:09:11M14132 
39 Ralph Martinez 69MUnattached 00:20:310:09:19M14233 
40 Johnny Phan 14MUnattached 00:20:410:09:24M3334 
41 Sheila Wenger 46FUnattached 00:20:550:09:31F1017 
42 Teresa Phimister 64FUnattached 00:21:050:09:35F1318 
43 Amber Beardmore 39FUnattached 00:21:220:09:43F819 
44 Andrea Johnson 48FUnattached 00:21:300:09:46F10210 
45 Diana Stelmakh 20FUnattached 00:21:570:09:58F5111 
46 Eric Giacchuns 49MUnattached 00:22:120:10:05M10135 
47 Chris Keinath 62MUnattached 00:22:170:10:08M13336 
48 Jaden Gabbard 16FUnattached 00:23:210:10:37F4412 
49 Jenny Jasinski 48FUnattached 00:24:490:11:17F10313 
50 Angie Major 44FUnattached 00:24:580:11:21F9114 
51 Zackaery 18MUnattached 00:25:490:11:44M41737 
52 Jamie Gonzales 39FUnattached 00:26:320:12:03F8215 
53 Theo Mikaele 0MUnattached 00:26:330:12:04M1138 
54 Jose Gallardo 16MUnattached 00:29:000:13:11M41839 

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