Run-A-Ree JV Boys Hudson's Bay High

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jonathan Riley 0MSkyview 00:18:240:05:56M111 
2 Andrew Thurston 0MSkyview 00:18:290:05:58M122 
3 Jude Helmes 0MColumbia River 00:18:520:06:05M133 
4 Lorenzo Sobolewski 0MSkyview 00:18:580:06:07M144 
5 Daniel Barna 0MColumbia River 00:19:190:06:14M155 
6 Chris Amato 0MSkyview 00:19:380:06:20M166 
7 Tyler Perry 0MBattle Ground 00:19:430:06:22M177 
8 Connor Goaring 0MSkyview 00:19:450:06:22M188 
9 Rylan Green 0MKalama 00:19:480:06:23M199 
10 Luke Dojan 0MSkyview 00:19:560:06:26M11010 
11 James Lodahl 0MColumbia River 00:20:020:06:28M11111 
12 Emerson Johnson 0MSkyview 00:20:040:06:28M11212 
13 Noah Sarkissian 0MSkyview 00:20:140:06:32M11313 
14 Ian Kisamore 0MKalama 00:20:180:06:33M11414 
15 Cole Harrison 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:240:06:35M11515 
16 Gavin Lowe 0MSkyview 00:20:260:06:35M11616 
17 Ashton Hoomans 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:350:06:38M11717 
18 Gerry (keegan)conradie 0MHockinson 00:20:370:06:39M11818 
19 Zach Mcclellan 0MColumbia River 00:20:400:06:40M11919 
20 Jedrek Matthias 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:410:06:40M12020 
21 Benny Davidson 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:460:06:42M12121 
22 Nathan Brinton 0MBattle Ground 00:20:480:06:42M12222 
23 Gavin Smith 0MHockinson 00:20:500:06:43M12323 
24 Ethan Hsu 0MHockinson 00:20:520:06:44M12424 
25 Brock Pierce 0MSkyview 00:20:570:06:45M12525 
26 Stryder Kane 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:21:150:06:51M12626 
27 Juan Luna-santoyo 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:21:160:06:51M12827 
28 Gregory Haner 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:21:160:06:52M12728 
29 Trent Richards 0MUnion 00:21:220:06:54M12929 
30 Ethan Frabel 0MHeritage 00:21:320:06:57M13030 
31 Jaxon Milligan 0MUnion 00:21:400:06:59M13131 
32 Blake Riley 0MSkyview 00:21:410:06:59M13232 
33 Zach Bruneau 0MHeritage 00:21:490:07:02M13333 
34 Thomas Nguyen 0MUnion 00:21:500:07:03M13434 
35 Coleman Selby 0MSkyview 00:21:560:07:04M13535 
36 Caleb Stokman 0MSkyview 00:21:570:07:05M13636 
37 Tanner Skalicky 0MColumbia River 00:21:590:07:05M13737 
38 Dimitri Fernandez-ross 0MColumbia River 00:22:070:07:08M13838 
39 Cody Womack 0MSkyview 00:22:120:07:10M13939 
40 Nathan Oconnor 0MSkyview 00:22:330:07:16M14040 
41 Cole Withington 0MBattle Ground 00:22:380:07:18M14141 
42 Tanner Davisson 0MBattle Ground 00:23:030:07:26M14242 
43 Alex Roberts 0MKalama 00:23:040:07:26M14343 
44 Mason Shaffer 0MBattle Ground 00:23:070:07:27M14444 
45 Zachary Olin 0MHockinson 00:23:150:07:30M14545 
46 Andrew Curtland 0MUnion 00:23:150:07:30M14646 
47 Leonard Swatosh 0MHockinson 00:23:160:07:30M14747 
48 Ethan Wyatt 0MFort Vancouver 00:23:240:07:33M14848 
49 Andres Nicacio 0MUnion 00:23:260:07:34M14949 
50 Stefen Carpenter 0MSkyview 00:23:470:07:40M15050 
51 Gavin Childers 0MHeritage 00:23:540:07:42M15151 
52 Kai Nakagawa 0MUnion 00:23:540:07:43M15252 
53 Will Niskanen 0MUnion 00:24:100:07:48M15353 
54 Eugenio Vidales 0MSeton Catholic 00:24:180:07:50M15454 
55 Zach Jubb 0MBattle Ground 00:24:190:07:51M15555 
56 Rocky Hanesiii 0MColumbia River 00:24:220:07:52M15656 
57 Quinn Goaring 0MColumbia River 00:25:040:08:05M15757 
58 Oliver Giger 0MHockinson 00:25:130:08:08M15858 
59 Jonathan Phan 0MSkyview 00:25:530:08:21M15959 
60 Isaac Doing 0MColumbia River 00:25:560:08:22M16060 
61 Levi Harrington 0MColumbia River 00:26:000:08:23M16161 
62 Zach Scala 0MHeritage 00:26:010:08:24M16262 
63 Brendan Gotfredson 0MHeritage 00:26:030:08:24M16363 
64 Sean Nugent 0MKalama 00:27:110:08:46M16464 
65 Nicolas Becerra 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:27:490:08:58M16565 
66 Jake Connell 0MUnion 00:27:580:09:01M16666 
67 Ian Urias 0MSeton Catholic 00:28:320:09:12M16767 
68 Chris Foulke 0MSkyview 00:28:410:09:15M16868 
69 Jesse Wade 0MHockinson 00:28:460:09:17M16969 
70 Aaren Heiser 0MHockinson 00:29:000:09:21M17070 
71 Auther Olinger 0MKalama 00:29:010:09:22M17171 

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