Run-A-Ree JV Boys Hudson's Bay High

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Christopher Gray 0MCentral Catholic 00:18:440:06:02M111 
2 Garrett Mackey 0MCentral Catholic 00:18:440:06:03M122 
3 Zachary Mcclellan 0MColumbia River 00:18:540:06:06M133 
4 Liam Murphy 0MCentral Catholic 00:19:030:06:09M144 
5 Daniel Woods 0MCentral Catholic 00:19:070:06:10M155 
6 Parker Dangleis 0MHockinson 00:19:190:06:14M166 
7 Dylan Walker 0MSkyview 00:19:210:06:14M177 
8 Gianni Harrington 0MFort Vancouver 00:19:250:06:16M188 
9 Carson Clary 0MSkyview 00:19:260:06:16M1109 
10 Logan Pound 0MBarlow 00:19:260:06:16M1910 
11 Ethan Hsu 0MHockinson 00:19:310:06:18M11111 
12 Logan Fisher 0MCentral Catholic 00:19:460:06:23M11212 
13 James Lodahl 0MColumbia River 00:19:520:06:25M11313 
14 Liam Morrisey 0MColumbia River 00:19:570:06:26M11414 
15 Terren Hillstrom 0MSkyview 00:19:570:06:26M11515 
16 Ryan Harris 0MSkyview 00:20:010:06:27M11616 
17 Tanner Skalicky 0MColumbia River 00:20:030:06:28M11717 
18 Kale Mccluer 0MColumbia River 00:20:060:06:29M11818 
19 Abdirizak Hussein 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:20:070:06:29M11919 
20 Colman Rerick 0MColumbia River 00:20:080:06:30M12020 
21 Lucas Carroll 0MCentral Catholic 00:20:090:06:30M12121 
22 Eliot Beckman 0MCentral Catholic 00:20:170:06:32M12222 
23 Gavin Lowe 0MSkyview 00:20:180:06:33M12323 
24 Luke Anderson 0MCastle Rock 00:20:210:06:34M12424 
25 Reuben Bisagna 0MColumbia River 00:20:260:06:35M12525 
26 Blake Riley 0MSkyview 00:20:300:06:37M12626 
27 Jesus Resendiz 0MSkyview 00:20:340:06:38M12827 
28 Dylan Ross 0MCastle Rock 00:20:340:06:38M12728 
29 Preston Graham 0MColumbia River 00:20:400:06:40M12929 
30 Lorenzo Sobolewski 0MSkyview 00:20:460:06:42M13030 
31 Artem Papirovyy 0MBattle Ground 00:20:470:06:42M13131 
32 Noah Traer 0MCentral Catholic 00:20:490:06:43M13232 
33 Connor Goaring 0MSkyview 00:20:500:06:43M13333 
34 Conner Pulsipher 0MHockinson 00:20:520:06:44M13434 
35 Connor Williamson 0MHeritage 00:20:550:06:45M13535 
36 Caleb Austin 0MBarlow 00:20:580:06:46M13636 
37 Finn Dugan 0MCentral Catholic 00:20:580:06:46M13737 
38 Jack Darling 0MColumbia River 00:20:590:06:46M13838 
39 Alex Benson 0MCentral Catholic 00:21:090:06:49M13939 
40 Wayne Ettling 0MColumbia River 00:21:090:06:49M14040 
41 Conrad Kallwick 0MColumbia River 00:21:100:06:50M14141 
42 Abel Juanmorales 0MFort Vancouver 00:21:110:06:50M14242 
43 Steven Blankenship 0MColumbia River 00:21:160:06:52M14343 
44 Kevin Nguyen 0MFort Vancouver 00:21:170:06:52M14444 
45 David Grant 0MSkyview 00:21:210:06:53M14545 
46 Hayden Stephens 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:21:230:06:54M14646 
47 Sean Denison 0MColumbia River 00:21:270:06:55M14747 
48 Sebastian Loenholm 0MHockinson 00:21:280:06:55M14848 
49 Gerry (keegan)conradie 0MHockinson 00:21:290:06:56M14949 
50 Titus Trayhorn 0MBarlow 00:21:330:06:57M15050 
51 Aidan Gratton 0MCentral Catholic 00:21:370:06:58M15151 
52 Stefen Carpenter 0MSkyview 00:21:380:06:59M15352 
53 Andrey Kanyvets 0MFort Vancouver 00:21:380:06:59M15253 
54 Hunter Cunningham 0MColumbia River 00:21:410:06:59M15454 
55 Mitchell Dorsey 0MGresham 00:21:430:07:00M15555 
56 Travis Lunceford 0MBarlow 00:21:510:07:03M15656 
57 Brock Pierce 0MSkyview 00:21:520:07:03M15757 
58 Davis Glover 0MBarlow 00:21:590:07:05M15858 
59 Dylan Floyd 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:22:010:07:06M15959 
60 Ryan Koenninger 0MSkyview 00:22:010:07:06M16060 
61 William Graham 0MSkyview 00:22:020:07:06M16161 
62 Cristian Hernandez 0MGresham 00:22:070:07:08M16262 
63 Christian Burbank 0MSkyview 00:22:070:07:08M16363 
64 Hunter Cloke 0MCastle Rock 00:22:080:07:08M16464 
65 Jared Alton 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:22:080:07:08M16565 
66 Owen Arn 0MBarlow 00:22:090:07:09M16666 
67 Jacob Bryne 0MBarlow 00:22:120:07:10M16767 
68 Zach Mcclure 0MUnion 00:22:130:07:10M16868 
69 Aaron Wise 0MSkyview 00:22:140:07:10M16969 
70 Todd Flood 0MR A Long 00:22:170:07:11M17170 
71 Troy Rutledge 0MBarlow 00:22:170:07:11M17071 
72 Justin Burks 0MCastle Rock 00:22:270:07:14M17272 
73 Isaiah Kennedy 0MCastle Rock 00:22:280:07:15M17373 
74 Daniel Bethurum 0MBarlow 00:22:290:07:15M17474 
75 Quinn Goaring 0MColumbia River 00:22:300:07:16M17575 
76 Aleksander Mizgajski 0MCentral Catholic 00:22:310:07:16M17676 
77 Owen Macdonald 0MHeritage 00:22:320:07:16M17777 
78 Levi Harrington 0MColumbia River 00:22:370:07:18M17878 
79 Buddy Kyser 0MCastle Rock 00:22:380:07:18M17979 
80 Gavin Peterson 0MBarlow 00:22:420:07:19M18080 
81 Clark Temme 0MHudson's Bay 00:22:430:07:20M18181 
82 Dieumerci Migani 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:22:480:07:21M18282 
83 Camden Courtney 0MHudson's Bay 00:22:500:07:22M18383 
84 Keagan Oconnor 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:22:500:07:22M18484 
85 Jake Connell 0MUnion 00:22:540:07:23M18585 
86 Josiah Berg 0MSkyview 00:22:550:07:23M18686 
87 Logan Mcferon 0MSkyview 00:22:550:07:24M18787 
88 Scotty Mcpherson 0MUnion 00:22:560:07:24M18888 
89 Nathan Vandehey 0MGresham 00:23:030:07:26M18989 
90 Cray Matthews 0MGresham 00:23:080:07:28M19090 
91 Jon Cox 0MBarlow 00:23:150:07:30M19191 
92 Tommy Rush 0MBarlow 00:23:200:07:32M19292 
93 Luis Huerta 0MFort Vancouver 00:23:220:07:32M19393 
94 Landon Fish 0MColumbia River 00:23:260:07:34M19494 
95 Caleb Stokman 0MSkyview 00:23:290:07:34M19595 
96 Clay Murphy 0MUnion 00:23:290:07:35M19696 
97 Marcos Diaz 0MColumbia River 00:23:330:07:36M19797 
98 Coen Neiwert 0MBarlow 00:23:340:07:36M19898 
99 Logan Finley 0MFort Vancouver 00:23:350:07:36M19999 
100 Paul Holteen 0MHeritage 00:23:370:07:37M1100100 
101 Rocky Hanesiii 0MColumbia River 00:23:460:07:40M1101101 
102 Joshua Like 0MColumbia River 00:23:490:07:41M1102102 
103 Andrew Curtland 0MUnion 00:23:530:07:42M1103103 
104 Aaron Ross 0MCastle Rock 00:23:570:07:44M1104104 
105 Luke Dojan 0MSkyview 00:24:170:07:50M1105105 
106 Gavin Bacon 0MSkyview 00:24:180:07:50M1106106 
107 Carter Austin 0MBarlow 00:24:220:07:52M1107107 
108 Oscar Oneill 0MR A Long 00:24:250:07:52M1108108 
109 Mason Kernan 0MBarlow 00:24:290:07:54M1109109 
110 Buzz Westhusing 0MSkyview 00:24:350:07:56M1111110 
111 Carter Stennick 0MCastle Rock 00:24:350:07:56M1110111 
112 Jaxon Ryder 0MBarlow 00:24:460:07:59M1112112 
113 Gabe Pettis 0MBarlow 00:25:020:08:04M1113113 
114 Brendan Gotfredson 0MHeritage 00:25:020:08:05M1114114 
115 Chris Foulke 0MSkyview 00:25:130:08:08M1115115 
116 Tristan Reagor 0MCastle Rock 00:25:170:08:09M1116116 
117 Anthony Dimmick 0MSkyview 00:25:230:08:11M1117117 
118 Kasen Meyers 0MCastle Rock 00:25:270:08:12M1118118 
119 Paul Gandarillas 0MHeritage 00:25:280:08:13M1119119 
120 Imre Rist 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:25:360:08:16M1120120 
121 Caleio Knowlton 0MCastle Rock 00:25:470:08:19M1121121 
122 Atticus Guidry 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:25:560:08:22M1122122 
123 Art Heesacker 0MFaith Bible Christian 00:26:140:08:28M1123123 
124 Ivan Chan 0MSeton Catholic 00:26:170:08:29M1124124 
125 Asa Hamer 0MCastle Rock 00:26:320:08:33M1125125 
126 Emilee Ryan 0FCentral Catholic 00:26:320:08:34F111 
127 Isaac Doing 0MColumbia River 00:26:350:08:34M1126126 
128 Jamison Nemecek 0MFaith Bible Christian 00:26:460:08:38M1127127 
129 Evan Bruins 0MFaith Bible Christian 00:26:530:08:40M1128128 
130 Colby Cook 0MCastle Rock 00:26:590:08:42M1129129 
131 Elliot Terzian 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:27:070:08:45M1130130 
132 Cesar Chicsaquic 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:27:100:08:46M1131131 
133 Tyler Chung 0MBarlow 00:27:160:08:48M1132132 
134 Dallin Johnson 0MSkyview 00:27:470:08:58M1133133 
135 Lucas Schadewitz 0MSkyview 00:27:510:08:59M1134134 
136 Parker Labeau 0MCastle Rock 00:28:000:09:02M1135135 
137 Jayden Hamm 0MHudson's Bay 00:28:060:09:04M1136136 
138 Nathan Padilla 0MRoosevelt (or) 00:29:020:09:22M1137137 

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