Run-A-Ree JV Girls Hudson's Bay Hig

2.5 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Brooklyn Baldwin 0FUnion 00:14:470:05:55F111 
2 Mirabelle Gasa 0FUnion 00:15:450:06:18F122 
3 Abigail Wall 0FSeton Catholic 00:16:110:06:28F133 
4 Emily Thompson 0FUnion 00:16:310:06:37F144 
5 Katie Richards 0FUnion 00:16:340:06:38F155 
6 Grace Leonard 0FSkyview 00:16:350:06:38F166 
7 Abigail Haug 0FSkyview 00:16:410:06:40F177 
8 Ember Mack 0FUnion 00:16:440:06:42F188 
9 Olivia Klinetobe 0FUnion 00:16:460:06:42F199 
10 Letty Arceo 0FFort Vancouver 00:16:510:06:44F11010 
11 Allison Yajko 0FSkyview 00:16:560:06:46F11111 
12 Marissa Bulder 0FHockinson 00:17:010:06:48F11212 
13 Anastasia Martushev 0FUnion 00:17:030:06:49F11313 
14 Lindsey Bell 0FColumbia River 00:17:040:06:50F11414 
15 Alexsandra Sherrell 0FSkyview 00:17:060:06:50F11515 
16 Olivia Baldwin 0FUnion 00:17:090:06:52F11616 
17 Iris Stein 0FColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:130:06:53F11717 
18 Emma Cortez 0FFort Vancouver 00:17:140:06:54F11818 
19 Briell King 0FHockinson 00:17:250:06:58F11919 
20 Miriam Muntean 0FUnion 00:17:400:07:04F12020 
21 Lauryn Lopez 0FUnion 00:17:570:07:11F12121 
22 Delaney Humber 0FSkyview 00:18:000:07:12F12222 
23 Molly Clink 0FSkyview 00:18:070:07:15F12323 
24 Kayla Brosius 0FUnion 00:18:110:07:17F12424 
25 Ashtyn Lopez 0FUnion 00:18:150:07:18F12525 
26 Laney Snyder 0FUnion 00:18:210:07:20F12626 
27 Gillian Snyder 0FFort Vancouver 00:18:230:07:21F12727 
28 Kristen Harrod 0FUnion 00:18:260:07:22F12828 
29 Arianna Suarez 0FUnion 00:18:280:07:23F12929 
30 Aubrey Burnham 0FColumbia River 00:18:320:07:25F13030 
31 Kari Lewis 0FColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:340:07:26F13131 
32 Erica Jostad 0FColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:360:07:27F13232 
33 Jillian Rogers 0FColumbia River 00:18:370:07:27F13333 
34 Brianna Marr 0FFort Vancouver 00:18:480:07:31F13534 
35 Josslyn Fraser 0FColumbia River 00:18:480:07:31F13435 
36 Hanna Edington 0FSkyview 00:18:540:07:34F13636 
37 Alli Rushing 0FUnion 00:18:550:07:34F13737 
38 Hayden Williamson 0FBattle Ground 00:18:580:07:35F13838 
39 Mae Robison 0FColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:020:07:37F13939 
40 Naomi Vicente 0FFort Vancouver 00:19:050:07:38F14040 
41 Annabelle Helm 0FUnion 00:19:200:07:44F14141 
42 Emily Neumann 0FSkyview 00:19:230:07:45F14242 
43 Madison Hansen 0FSkyview 00:19:250:07:46F14343 
44 Anna Tucker 0FColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:270:07:47F14444 
45 Esme Gonzales 0FFort Vancouver 00:19:390:07:51F14545 
46 Taylor Brown 0FSkyview 00:19:450:07:54F14646 
47 Mary Dickens 0FSeton Catholic 00:19:460:07:54F14747 
48 Daisy Arellano 0FFort Vancouver 00:19:470:07:55F14848 
49 Natalie Pugh 0FSkyview 00:19:520:07:57F15049 
50 Christina Tran 0FFort Vancouver 00:19:520:07:57F14950 
51 Kim Phan 0FUnion 00:20:190:08:08F15251 
52 Briannan Abbott 0FKalama 00:20:190:08:08F15152 
53 Kiara Cook 0FUnion 00:20:220:08:09F15353 
54 Ashlie Frazier 0FBattle Ground 00:20:230:08:09F15454 
55 Danya Matson 0FBattle Ground 00:20:330:08:13F15555 
56 Emilie Wilson 0FBattle Ground 00:20:480:08:19F15656 
57 Paige York 0FBattle Ground 00:20:560:08:22F15757 
58 Daniela Reyes 0FBattle Ground 00:20:570:08:23F15858 
59 Allison Ableidinger 0FSeton Catholic 00:21:030:08:25F15959 
60 Maddie Morgan 0FColumbia River 00:21:140:08:30F16060 
61 Presley Dewitt 0FSkyview 00:21:140:08:30F16161 
62 Sophie Martin 0FSkyview 00:21:160:08:30F16262 
63 Aubrey Simone 0FUnion 00:21:180:08:31F16363 
64 Kiandra Foreman 0FKalama 00:21:360:08:38F16464 
65 Rachel Trafton 0FSkyview 00:22:020:08:49F16565 
66 Emma Boucher 0FBattle Ground 00:22:410:09:04F16666 
67 Annika Meunier 0FSkyview 00:23:350:09:26F16767 
68 Claire Russell 0FSkyview 00:24:260:09:46F16868 
69 Andrea Borders 0FUnion 00:24:280:09:47F16969 
70 Sadie Wall 0FKalama 00:25:340:10:14F17070 
71 Tia Burpee 0FKalama 00:26:190:10:32F17171 
72 Elizabeth Green 0FKalama 00:26:300:10:36F17272 

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