Run-A-Ree JV Girls Hudson's Bay Hig

2.5 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 London Gould 0FCastle Rock 00:15:110:06:04F111 
2 Madi Mccuddy 0FUnion 00:15:420:06:17F122 
3 Andrea Johnson 0FBattle Ground 00:15:590:06:24F133 
4 Grace Leonard 0FSkyview 00:16:060:06:26F144 
5 Kylie Christensen 0FSkyview 00:16:110:06:28F155 
6 Maia Luther 0FSkyview 00:16:160:06:30F166 
7 Stacy Sutton 0FBattle Ground 00:16:260:06:34F177 
8 Grace Maruca 0FSkyview 00:16:300:06:36F188 
9 Bethany Lince 0FFaith Bible Christian 00:16:310:06:36F199 
10 Bethany Bailey 0FUnion 00:16:350:06:38F11010 
11 Sofia Solari 0FHockinson 00:16:400:06:40F11111 
12 Jordyn Gutridge 0FHockinson 00:16:460:06:42F11212 
13 Kennedy Lake 0FUnion 00:17:110:06:52F11313 
14 Katie Richards 0FUnion 00:17:160:06:54F11414 
15 Emily Rosenkranz 0FUnion 00:17:170:06:55F11515 
16 Hannah Sare 0FBarlow 00:17:200:06:56F11616 
17 Alexa Calvert 0FUnion 00:17:210:06:56F11717 
18 Macy Mckenney 0FBarlow 00:17:220:06:57F11818 
19 Alyssa Cook 0FUnion 00:17:300:06:59F11919 
20 Laney Snyder 0FUnion 00:17:310:07:00F12020 
21 Mei-ling Hsu 0FHockinson 00:17:320:07:01F12221 
22 Tatum Wallace 0FBarlow 00:17:320:07:01F12122 
23 Ryen Herman 0FCentral Catholic 00:17:530:07:09F12323 
24 Olivia Swan 0FColumbia River 00:17:540:07:10F12424 
25 Allie Perez 0FBarlow 00:17:570:07:11F12525 
26 Sawyer Lamey 0FUnion 00:17:570:07:11F12626 
27 Bianca Perez 0FSkyview 00:17:580:07:11F12827 
28 Allara Jenks 0FColumbia River 00:17:580:07:11F12728 
29 Kaylee Katz 0FBarlow 00:18:000:07:12F12929 
30 Brittany Harrell 0FSkyview 00:18:020:07:13F13130 
31 Trinity Bowman 0FBarlow 00:18:020:07:13F13031 
32 Olivia Baldwin 0FUnion 00:18:040:07:14F13232 
33 Sierra Ellis 0FBarlow 00:18:050:07:14F13333 
34 Sofia Pelkey 0FHudson's Bay 00:18:090:07:16F13434 
35 Jena Scott 0FSkyview 00:18:120:07:17F13635 
36 Emma Watkins 0FSeton Catholic 00:18:120:07:17F13536 
37 Estella Stillman 0FHudson's Bay 00:18:130:07:17F13737 
38 Jaelyn Gaylor 0FColumbia River 00:18:150:07:18F13838 
39 Lydia Lewis 0FBarlow 00:18:180:07:19F13939 
40 Katheryn Rendon 0FHudson's Bay 00:18:190:07:20F14040 
41 Anastasia Martushev 0FUnion 00:18:240:07:22F14141 
42 Emma Watson 0FCentral Catholic 00:18:260:07:22F14242 
43 Natalie Pugh 0FSkyview 00:18:290:07:24F14343 
44 Kristen Harrod 0FUnion 00:18:320:07:25F14444 
45 Audrey Arnold 0FColumbia River 00:18:340:07:26F14645 
46 Maia Rheingold 0FCentral Catholic 00:18:340:07:26F14546 
47 Fernanda Nunez 0FGresham 00:18:350:07:26F14747 
48 Piper Peterson 0FSkyview 00:18:360:07:26F14848 
49 Reanna Maroon 0FBarlow 00:18:390:07:28F15049 
50 Olivia Brown 0FBarlow 00:18:390:07:28F14950 
51 Ava Glenn 0FColumbia River 00:18:400:07:28F15151 
52 Teresa Rey 0FColumbia River 00:18:410:07:29F15252 
53 Presley Dewitt 0FSkyview 00:18:420:07:29F15353 
54 Lucy Miller 0FColumbia River 00:18:430:07:29F15454 
55 Sophie Neighorn 0FBarlow 00:18:440:07:29F15555 
56 Samantha Lee 0FUnion 00:18:440:07:30F15656 
57 Delaney Humber 0FSkyview 00:18:470:07:31F15757 
58 Ember Mack 0FUnion 00:18:480:07:31F15858 
59 Arianna Suarez 0FUnion 00:18:480:07:31F15959 
60 Elizabete Berzina 0FBarlow 00:18:490:07:31F16060 
61 Riley Jackson 0FBattle Ground 00:18:490:07:32F16161 
62 Lillian Craford 0FCentral Catholic 00:18:490:07:32F16262 
63 Camryn Sobella 0FBarlow 00:18:500:07:32F16363 
64 Sydney Clark 0FSeton Catholic 00:18:510:07:32F16664 
65 Jacey Felzien 0FBarlow 00:18:510:07:32F16465 
66 Isabelle Frashour 0FBarlow 00:18:510:07:33F16566 
67 Haley Mckennon 0FBarlow 00:18:540:07:34F16767 
68 Cindy Ayala 0FFort Vancouver 00:18:540:07:34F16868 
69 Izabela Garcia 0FBarlow 00:18:580:07:35F16969 
70 Mihayla Smith 0FFort Vancouver 00:18:580:07:35F17070 
71 Elainie Hendricks 0FUnion 00:18:590:07:35F17171 
72 Natalie Budge 0FBarlow 00:19:010:07:36F17272 
73 Carmen Ramseyer 0FGresham 00:19:030:07:37F17373 
74 Sydney Gergen 0FBarlow 00:19:060:07:38F17474 
75 Haydyn Sobella 0FBarlow 00:19:060:07:39F17575 
76 Ellie Nelson 0FBarlow 00:19:070:07:39F17676 
77 Isabel Carleton 0FR A Long 00:19:230:07:45F17777 
78 Riley Gergen 0FBarlow 00:19:280:07:47F17878 
79 Annika Chestnut 0FBattle Ground 00:19:320:07:49F17979 
80 Samantha Morris 0FCentral Catholic 00:19:360:07:50F18080 
81 Nika Nesbit 0FR A Long 00:19:430:07:53F18181 
82 Daisy Arellanorangel 0FSkyview 00:19:440:07:54F18282 
83 Anna Lee 0FHockinson 00:19:450:07:54F18383 
84 Bergen Grant 0FBarlow 00:19:460:07:54F18484 
85 Joanna Guilleux 0FBarlow 00:19:460:07:54F18585 
86 Anne Mcnally 0FColumbia River 00:19:470:07:55F18686 
87 Madison Beauchamp 0FSeton Catholic 00:19:550:07:58F18787 
88 Abigail Schline 0FCentral Catholic 00:20:000:08:00F18888 
89 Anna Tercek 0FBarlow 00:20:040:08:01F18989 
90 Madi Caldwell 0FUnion 00:20:090:08:03F19090 
91 Sadie Hanks 0FUnion 00:20:090:08:04F19191 
92 Eva-marie Bekaan 0FGresham 00:20:150:08:06F19292 
93 Kristen Bailey 0FUnion 00:20:180:08:07F19393 
94 Grace Dahl 0FBarlow 00:20:190:08:08F19494 
95 Ada Owens 0FHudson's Bay 00:20:290:08:11F19695 
96 Sophia Lebard 0FHudson's Bay 00:20:290:08:12F19596 
97 Rilyn Quirke 0FBarlow 00:20:300:08:12F19797 
98 Evania Balmes-ventura 0FBarlow 00:20:380:08:15F19898 
99 Hanna Edington 0FSkyview 00:20:420:08:17F19999 
100 Shelby Phillipson 0FSkyview 00:20:420:08:17F1100100 
101 Rachel Vedus 0FBarlow 00:20:440:08:17F1101101 
102 Madisyn Rhodes 0FGresham 00:20:450:08:18F1102102 
103 Allison Bruneau 0FHeritage 00:20:540:08:22F1103103 
104 Gabriela Alquicira 0FSkyview 00:20:550:08:22F1105104 
105 Megan Ladue 0FR A Long 00:20:550:08:22F1104105 
106 Jessa Yothers 0FHeritage 00:20:570:08:23F1106106 
107 Annika Meunier 0FSkyview 00:21:030:08:25F1107107 
108 Kiernan Gamble 0FSkyview 00:21:110:08:28F1108108 
109 Lily Butikofer 0FHudson's Bay 00:21:330:08:37F1109109 
110 Delaney Newell 0FSkyview 00:21:370:08:39F1110110 
111 Faith Horner 0FHeritage 00:21:380:08:39F1111111 
112 Claire Russell 0FSkyview 00:22:290:08:59F1112112 
113 Izbelle Zielinski 0FBarlow 00:23:110:09:16F1113113 
114 Dariana Granados 0FGresham 00:23:180:09:19F1114114 
115 Lillian Miller 0FBarlow 00:23:220:09:21F1115115 
116 Sara Schadt-patterson 0FFort Vancouver 00:23:250:09:22F1116116 
117 Addysen Zeller 0FSeton Catholic 00:23:320:09:25F1117117 
118 Kaitlyn Meyers 0FCastle Rock 00:23:420:09:29F1118118 
119 Paula Laszczok 0FCastle Rock 00:23:430:09:29F1119119 
120 Britney Sierra 0FCentral Catholic 00:23:510:09:32F1120120 
121 Chloe Hilsenteger 0FBarlow 00:23:590:09:36F1121121 
122 Arista Sather 0FBarlow 00:24:010:09:36F1122122 
123 Marina Smith 0FGresham 00:24:210:09:44F1123123 
124 Kathleen Cannon 0FUnion 00:24:230:09:45F1124124 
125 Alani Medlock 0FUnion 00:24:290:09:48F1125125 
126 Macey Jenkins 0FR A Long 00:24:360:09:50F1126126 
127 Trianna Neal 0FBarlow 00:25:040:10:02F1127127 
128 Jenna Wood 0FBarlow 00:25:130:10:05F1128128 
129 Emma Langdon 0FCastle Rock 00:25:400:10:16F1129129 
130 Sophia Gonzales 0FCentral Catholic 00:26:410:10:40F1130130 
131 Kaelin Collar 0FBarlow 00:27:220:10:57F1131131 
132 Emma Mallory 0FCastle Rock 00:27:240:10:58F1132132 
133 Margret Dezellem 0FColumbia River 00:27:330:11:01F1133133 
134 Catie Champnoise 0FFort Vancouver 00:27:470:11:07F1134134 
135 Elijah Sheldon 0FFort Vancouver 00:29:140:11:41F1135135 

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