Run-A-Ree Varsity Girls Hudson's Ba

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Allyson Peterson 0FHockinson 00:19:090:06:11F111 
2 Samantha Williams 0FSkyview 00:19:360:06:19F122 
3 Lara Carrion 0FSeton Catholic 00:19:520:06:24F133 
4 Sara Cordova 0FSeton Catholic 00:20:350:06:38F144 
5 Phoebe Abbruzzese 0FSkyview 00:20:540:06:45F155 
6 Maddy Blake 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:20:560:06:45F166 
7 Suzie Johnson 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:21:080:06:49F177 
8 Anya Schooler 0FRoosevelt (or) 00:21:240:06:54F188 
9 Maddy Ritter 0FHockinson 00:21:270:06:55F199 
10 Emily Thompson 0FUnion 00:21:470:07:02F11010 
11 Taylor Ramirez 0FGresham 00:21:570:07:05F11111 
12 Hanna Bailey 0FColumbia River 00:21:580:07:05F11212 
13 Claire Reeburgh 0FUnion 00:21:590:07:06F11313 
14 Brooklyn Baldwin 0FUnion 00:22:030:07:07F11414 
15 Mirabelle Gasa 0FUnion 00:22:070:07:08F11515 
16 Dani Buttrell 0FFort Vancouver 00:22:140:07:10F11616 
17 Dhamar Campos 0FFort Vancouver 00:22:150:07:11F11717 
18 Myana Stock 0FTrout Lake 00:22:280:07:15F11818 
19 Jaylyn Lehner 0FUnion 00:22:310:07:16F11919 
20 Taylor Kopp 0FHockinson 00:22:400:07:19F12020 
21 Miranda Lomax 0FR A Long 00:22:450:07:20F12121 
22 Makenna Stock 0FTrout Lake 00:22:460:07:21F12222 
23 Kiley Obrien 0FUnion 00:22:530:07:23F12323 
24 Molly Clink 0FSkyview 00:23:010:07:25F12424 
25 Olivia Klinetobe 0FUnion 00:23:070:07:27F12525 
26 Tessa Vanderkamp 0FFaith Bible Christian 00:23:130:07:29F12726 
27 Sammy Stein 0FBarlow 00:23:130:07:29F12627 
28 Marissa Williams 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:23:180:07:31F12828 
29 Allison Yajko 0FSkyview 00:23:220:07:32F12929 
30 Emily Norton 0FSkyview 00:23:240:07:33F13030 
31 Madison Collins 0FBarlow 00:23:250:07:33F13131 
32 Shelby Willett 0FFort Vancouver 00:23:270:07:34F13232 
33 Alyssa Stumbo 0FBarlow 00:23:280:07:34F13333 
34 Kendra Matson 0FBattle Ground 00:23:310:07:35F13434 
35 Daniela Delapaz 0FColumbia River 00:23:340:07:36F13535 
36 Madeline Bailey 0FBarlow 00:23:480:07:41F13636 
37 Zoe Raab 0FCentral Catholic 00:24:100:07:48F13737 
38 Skylar Perez 0FCentral Catholic 00:24:120:07:48F13838 
39 Savanna Woody 0FKing's Way Christian 00:24:160:07:50F13939 
40 Allison Vermilya 0FCentral Catholic 00:24:200:07:51F14040 
41 Abigail Wall 0FSeton Catholic 00:24:240:07:52F14141 
42 Jerrica Pachl 0FSeton Catholic 00:24:320:07:55F14242 
43 Taylor Brown 0FSkyview 00:24:360:07:56F14343 
44 Alexandra Traffalis 0FSeton Catholic 00:24:420:07:58F14444 
45 Alison Marlin 0FBattle Ground 00:24:440:07:59F14545 
46 Kari Moffat 0FBarlow 00:24:450:07:59F14646 
47 Jillian Rogers 0FColumbia River 00:24:470:07:59F14747 
48 Alena Stevens 0FBattle Ground 00:24:510:08:01F14848 
49 Charis Deitemeyer 0FSkyview 00:24:520:08:01F14949 
50 Hope Schooler 0FRoosevelt (or) 00:24:550:08:02F15050 
51 Abigail Trayhorn 0FBarlow 00:24:570:08:03F15151 
52 Hannah Homberg 0FCentral Catholic 00:24:580:08:03F15252 
53 Kailey Beaudoin 0FR A Long 00:25:000:08:04F15353 
54 Ava Girard 0FR A Long 00:25:010:08:04F15454 
55 Nolin Darling 0FColumbia River 00:25:020:08:05F15555 
56 Selah Pearson 0FTrout Lake 00:25:030:08:05F15656 
57 Hana Smith 0FRoosevelt (or) 00:25:040:08:05F15757 
58 Kaylee Macdonald 0FHeritage 00:25:050:08:05F15858 
59 Maria Nehnevaj 0FColumbia River 00:25:210:08:11F16059 
60 Claire Krebs 0FCentral Catholic 00:25:210:08:11F15960 
61 Lydia Harpe 0FTrout Lake 00:25:340:08:15F16161 
62 Sophie Smithstanza 0FCentral Catholic 00:25:350:08:15F16262 
63 Letty Arceo 0FFort Vancouver 00:25:400:08:17F16363 
64 Bellora Robles 0FHeritage 00:25:490:08:20F16464 
65 Sarah Gourley 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:25:580:08:22F16565 
66 Christina Tran 0FFort Vancouver 00:26:080:08:26F16666 
67 Millie Williquette 0FR A Long 00:26:090:08:26F16767 
68 Raegan Gritzmacher 0FCentral Catholic 00:26:130:08:27F16868 
69 Alexandria Lacorte 0FSeton Catholic 00:26:280:08:32F16969 
70 Piper Lemon 0FHeritage 00:26:440:08:37F17070 
71 Gillian Snyder 0FFort Vancouver 00:27:160:08:48F17171 
72 Sara Bradshaw 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:27:440:08:57F17272 
73 Maddie Morgan 0FColumbia River 00:28:040:09:03F17373 
74 Hailey Kriner 0FFort Vancouver 00:28:290:09:11F17474 
75 Emilie Sitmann 0FHeritage 00:28:330:09:12F17575 
76 Elena Norquist 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:29:570:09:40F17676 
77 Angelica Kagaya 0FRoosevelt (or) 00:29:570:09:40F17777 
78 Miranda Allen 0FR A Long 00:30:040:09:42F17878 
79 Ryann Wilks 0FHeritage 00:30:470:09:56F17979 

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