Resolution 10K Run

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Evan Price 29M  00:32:170:05:12M611 
2 Joshua Monda 38M  00:33:550:05:28M812 
3 Josh Saeman 17M  00:36:420:05:55M413 
4 Joseph Blanshan 16M  00:37:250:06:02M424 
5 Simon Noling 25M  00:39:240:06:21M625 
6 Sara Cordova 15F  00:41:440:06:44F411 
7 Rolf Vellek 51M  00:42:080:06:48M1116 
8 Caden Lauder 16M  00:44:110:07:08M437 
9 Emily Rosenkranz 17F  00:44:530:07:14F422 
10 Melissa Johnson 49F  00:45:450:07:23F1013 
11 Max Gallagher 9M  00:45:550:07:24M218 
12 Chris Amato 18M  00:46:340:07:31M449 
13 Jordyn Gutridge 18F  00:47:020:07:35F434 
14 Jere Dietz 29M  00:48:020:07:45M6310 
15 Abby Knight 26F  00:48:040:07:45F615 
16 Claire Rogge 13F  00:48:070:07:46F316 
17 Carla Chambers 50F  00:52:400:08:30F1117 
18 Scotty Mcpherson 15M  00:53:160:08:36M4511 
19 Tim Amato 50M  00:55:250:08:56M11212 
20 Gabe Narro 26M  00:56:230:09:06M6413 
21 Lisa Crowder 49F  00:57:480:09:19F1028 
22 William Brown 58M  01:03:480:10:17M12114 
23 Amy Lodholz 38F  01:03:530:10:18F819 
24 Tony Poulsen 48M  01:10:430:11:24M10115 
25 Jennifer Dietz 42F  01:12:260:11:41F9110 
26 Kelly Mcpherson 44F  01:12:380:11:43F9211 
27 Bob Stjohn 45M  01:12:440:11:44M10216 
28 Celeste Courson 47F  01:12:440:11:44F10312 
29 Lori Reed 51F  01:12:480:11:45F11213 
30 Renee Poulsen 40F  01:14:250:12:00F9314 
31 Selma Lower 55F  01:17:040:12:26F12115 
32 Shanna Rice 46F  01:26:260:13:57F10416 
33 Marian Larson 71F  01:43:520:16:45F15117 

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