Resolution 15K Run

9.3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jaysun Pyatt 45M  00:58:250:06:17M1011 
2 Taylor Adrian 30M  01:00:140:06:29M712 
3 Elle Thomas 14F  01:02:170:06:42F311 
4 Talie Peddie 16F  01:03:160:06:48F412 
5 Michael Case 54M  01:04:310:06:56M1113 
6 Avery Garrison 15F  01:04:480:06:58F423 
7 Charmion Freifeld 44F  01:05:330:07:03F914 
8 Bethany Mckinstry 13F  01:05:420:07:04F325 
9 John Lopez 42M  01:06:580:07:12M914 
10 Lauren Amato 15F  01:08:560:07:25F436 
11 Charlotte Wilson 15F  01:09:190:07:27F447 
12 Juan Magana 47M  01:11:140:07:40M1025 
13 Cindy Palacios 29F  01:11:170:07:40F618 
14 Mary Oathout 45F  01:13:220:07:53F1019 
15 Phil Cummings 42M  01:14:540:08:03M926 
16 Eric Schimmel 45M  01:16:580:08:17M1037 
17 Kassandra Meras 27F  01:18:450:08:28F6210 
18 Kelly Harmon 41F  01:19:290:08:33F9211 
19 Kaydie Boettcher 12F  01:20:310:08:39F3312 
20 Joyce Duval 56F  01:20:520:08:42F12113 
21 Vanessa Lahuis 43F  01:22:100:08:50F9314 
22 Melissa Gomez 28F  01:23:470:09:01F6315 
23 Laura Strickland 50F  01:25:090:09:09F11116 
24 Craig Brown 54M  01:26:090:09:16M1128 
25 Sierra Peters 39F  01:28:100:09:29F8117 
26 Rhiannon Abderson 43F  01:28:500:09:33F9418 
27 Sydney Nickels 17F  01:30:080:09:41F4519 
28 Eryn Kehe 46F  01:31:130:09:49F10220 
29 Bruce Kehe 49M  01:31:140:09:49M1049 
30 Bob Winchester 59M  01:32:020:09:54M12110 
31 Jerome Gomez 53M  01:32:210:09:56M11311 
32 Blake-lyn Smith 32F  01:33:540:10:06F7121 
33 Kimberly Schmett 36F  01:34:290:10:10F8222 
34 Julia Briley 28F  01:35:050:10:13F6423 
35 Amber Hall 47F  01:35:200:10:15F10324 
36 Simmony Davidson 41F  01:35:230:10:15F9525 
37 Kristen Myklebust 46F  01:39:570:10:45F10426 
38 Laura Demeri 51F  01:39:580:10:45F11227 
39 Madeleine Starks 31F  01:49:250:11:46F7228 
40 Melissa Million 46F  01:49:250:11:46F10529 
41 Edward Lipski 76M  02:11:350:14:09M16112 

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