Run for Life 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Stuart Stopoulos 35M WoodlandWA00:48:390:07:51M811 
2 Teresa Lees 40FWashougalWA00:51:090:08:15F911 
3 Tracey Stinchfield 40FWashougalWA00:52:320:08:28F922 
4 Mike Logan 48MWashougalWA00:53:240:08:37M1012 
5 Bob Michels 48M VancouverWA00:54:010:08:43M1023 
6 Keagen(bigthic White 17MWashougalWA00:55:220:08:56M414 
7 Kimberly Olson 42F PortlandOR00:55:330:08:58F933 
8 Sam Cassese 28M VancouverWA00:56:560:09:11M615 
9 Lance Bergfalk 39M VancouverWA00:57:080:09:13M826 
10 Mark Staub 63M VancouverWA01:00:160:09:43M1317 
11 Anthony Powers 28MWashougalWA01:00:540:09:49M628 
12 Nicole Karaseva 33F VancouverWA01:02:180:10:03F714 
13 Terri Anderson 64FWashougalWA01:02:340:10:06F1315 
14 Elba Benzler 50MYacoltWA01:03:370:10:16M1119 
15 Wallace Mattos 47MCamasWA01:04:200:10:23M10310 
16 Emma Green 49F VancouverWA01:05:400:10:35F1016 
17 Karen King 50FYacoltWA01:08:580:11:07F1117 
18 Katie Bafus 29FCamasWA01:09:130:11:10F618 
19 Josiah Peterson 23M VancouverWA01:09:510:11:16M5111 
20 Maurice(thespa White 14MWashougalWA01:12:220:11:40M3112 
21 Mechele Knable 56FBattlegroundWA01:14:030:11:57F1219 
22 Gina Grice 52FFort MohaveAZ01:14:030:11:57F11210 
23 Constance Cooke 63FWashougalWA01:14:110:11:58F13211 
24 Barbara Gilcrease 55F Battle GroundWA01:16:290:12:20F12212 
25 Glenda Pifer 49F Battle GroundWA01:16:290:12:20F10213 
26 Michael Morales 45M VancouverWA01:18:420:12:42M10413 
27 Erika Martin 51F VancouverWA01:24:240:13:37F11314 
28 Gary Jergensen 64M VancouverWA01:27:300:14:07M13214 
29 Andy Bordeaux 55MCamasWA01:27:350:14:08M12115 

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