Race for the Redheads 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Ben Martel 29M  00:44:490:07:14M611 
2 Katherine Tabalinson 43F  00:44:580:07:15F911 
3 John Sterbis 48M  00:45:470:07:23M1012 
4 Chip Horner 42M  00:48:230:07:48M913 
5 Hova Najarian 52M  00:48:530:07:53M1114 
6 Lauren Esmay 27F  00:49:210:07:58F612 
7 Kyla Holligan 32F  00:51:090:08:15F713 
8 Collin Mcfadyen 48F  00:52:380:08:29F1014 
9 Kevin Eorio 34M  00:52:480:08:31M715 
10 Sam Dahle 29M  00:52:490:08:31M626 
11 Lisa Hilton 54F  00:53:530:08:42F1115 
12 Kevin Hlas 45M  00:54:340:08:48M1027 
13 Jeremy Buck 51M  00:54:340:08:48M1128 
14 Kelly Flaminio 33F  00:54:460:08:50F726 
15 Robin Yakhour 49F  00:56:490:09:10F1027 
16 Sharon Glaeser 51F  00:57:050:09:12F1128 
17 Joyce Ejgird 41F  00:57:350:09:17F929 
18 Matt Bickford 21M  00:58:110:09:23M519 
19 Aaron Shilkaitis 28M  00:59:090:09:32M6310 
20 Sara Obyrne 30F  00:59:110:09:33F7310 
21 Rachel Garcia 29F  00:59:130:09:33F6211 
22 Kristi Lahusen 41F  00:59:280:09:36F9312 
23 Megan Murnin 32F  01:00:550:09:49F7413 
24 Glen Marcusen 53M  01:01:040:09:51M11311 
25 Karen Edwards 41F  01:02:110:10:02F9414 
26 Sabra Loney-dehart 51F  01:02:490:10:08F11315 
27 Nicole Jones 39F  01:02:540:10:09F8116 
28 Melissa Parker 40F  01:02:540:10:09F9517 
29 Torie Hax 22F  01:03:420:10:16F5118 
30 Brian Boothe 37M  01:06:290:10:43M8112 
31 Rachel Martel 30F  01:06:450:10:46F7519 
32 Jennifer Mccurdy 35F  01:12:380:11:43F8220 
33 Michelle Martell 55F  01:23:060:13:24F12121 
34 Randal Crowe 62M  01:23:060:13:24M13113 
35 Kelwyn Boothe 8M  01:26:160:13:55M2114 
36 Bree Boothe 37F  01:26:470:13:59F8322 
37 Jennifer Sofinowski 44F  01:36:330:15:34F9623 
38 Linda Armstrong 66F  01:52:580:18:13F14124 

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