Ridgefield Independence 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Ronald Aman 18M  00:35:280:05:43M411 
2 Caleb Lander 36M VancouverWA00:38:400:06:14M812 
3 Willy Sayers 39M VancouverWA00:39:320:06:23M823 
4 Charlie Newton 31MRidgefieldWA00:40:440:06:34M714 
5 Joey Yake 40M WoodlandWA00:41:230:06:41M915 
6 Kenny Davis 32MBremertonWA00:41:410:06:43M726 
7 Shaun Martin 40MRidgefieldWA00:41:440:06:44M927 
8 Rolf Vellek 50M VancouverWA00:42:060:06:47M1118 
9 Joseph Blick 16MRidgefieldWA00:42:080:06:48M429 
10 David Miller 30M  00:43:230:06:59M7310 
11 Daniel Keere 33M  00:43:400:07:03M7411 
12 Samantha Williams 15F  00:44:480:07:13F411 
13 James Buchan 52M PortlandOR00:44:520:07:14M11212 
14 Abby Knight 25F VancouverWA00:45:010:07:16F612 
15 Jere Dietz 28M VancouverWA00:46:500:07:33M6113 
16 Jordan Hartley 19F  00:47:210:07:38F423 
17 Brant Lindquist 35MLa CenterWA00:47:460:07:42M8314 
18 Claire Jones 14F  00:47:510:07:43F314 
19 Meredith Willson 26F  00:47:540:07:43F625 
20 Dillon Lumen 19M  00:48:420:07:51M4315 
21 Kiyoko Okayasu 45F VancouverWA00:48:540:07:53F1016 
22 Adam Delaveaga 35MRidgefieldWA00:49:060:07:55M8416 
23 Rob Hocenstein 20MRidgefieldWA00:49:360:07:59M5117 
24 Cameron Jones 14F  00:50:190:08:07F327 
25 Christian Burbank 14M  00:50:550:08:13M3118 
26 Ana Moreno 36FHood RiverOR00:51:040:08:14F818 
27 Justin Knoy 37M Battle GroundWA00:51:070:08:15M8519 
28 Tyler Brinkman 35MRidgefieldWA00:51:130:08:16M8620 
29 Justin Sellers 42MRidgefieldWA00:51:250:08:18M9321 
30 Lori Figone 58F VancouverWA00:51:360:08:19F1219 
31 Erik Dye 38M WoodlandWA00:51:450:08:21M8722 
32 Pam Mckinney 50F  00:51:590:08:23F11110 
33 Bryan Beel 49MCamasWA00:52:150:08:26M10123 
34 Terry Bennett 48MRidgefieldWA00:52:170:08:26M10224 
35 Bryan Shull 50M VancouverWA00:53:040:08:34M11325 
36 Ben Sabo 14MRidgefieldWA00:54:140:08:45M3226 
37 Makayla Oberg 16F  00:54:150:08:45F4311 
38 Nadine Haydeb 55F PortlandOR00:54:200:08:46F12212 
39 Brady Pas 34M VancouverWA00:54:230:08:46M7527 
40 Charlotte Ahern 38FWheat RidgeCO00:54:240:08:46F8213 
41 Alex Zerbach 29M  00:54:370:08:49M6228 
42 Justin Olmsted 24M WoodlandWA00:54:540:08:51M5229 
43 Paul Wilson 39MLasswadeMI00:55:020:08:53M8830 
44 Lorinda Limpf 54F  00:56:110:09:04F11214 
45 Karl Baxter 39MRidgefieldWA00:56:300:09:07M8931 
46 Roy Mccormick 53MRidgefieldWA00:57:280:09:16M11432 
47 Edward Lalonde 66M VancouverWA00:57:360:09:17M14133 
48 Zeke Potts 21M Battle GroundWA00:57:530:09:20M5334 
49 John Jokela 51MLa CenterWA00:58:190:09:24M11535 
50 Nick Hankerson 34M PortlandOR00:58:260:09:26M7636 
51 Andrew Haman 35MRidgefieldWA00:58:300:09:26M81037 
52 Geoff Sainsbury 45MRidgefieldWA00:58:400:09:28M10338 
53 Nancy Herron 69F  00:58:430:09:28F14115 
54 Lindsay Dipzinski 36F  01:00:320:09:46F8316 
55 Drew Beckley 38MRidgefieldWA01:01:450:09:58M81139 
56 Deborah Simons 38FRidgefieldWA01:02:020:10:00F8417 
57 Helen Steelman 33FCamasWA01:02:030:10:00F7118 
58 Don Walkinshaw 22M  01:02:220:10:04M5440 
59 Molly Maloney 47F  01:02:230:10:04F10219 
60 Kendall Billings 37F VancouverWA01:02:270:10:04F8520 
61 Christina Nangle 51FCamasWA01:03:140:10:12F11321 
62 Kelly Neill 48FCamasWA01:03:150:10:12F10322 
63 Jen Ochsner 45FCamasWA01:03:160:10:12F10423 
64 Merill Creagh 67F VancouverWA01:03:580:10:19F14224 
65 Keaton Weisenborn 29MRidgefieldWA01:04:040:10:20M6341 
66 Jason Soika 44M  01:04:060:10:20M9442 
67 Kati Lander 37F VancouverWA01:06:370:10:45F8625 
68 Ericka Martin 36FRidgefieldWA01:06:410:10:45F8726 
69 Tom Teesdale 57M  01:06:480:10:47M12143 
70 Tammy Lienberger 51FRidgefieldWA01:07:360:10:54F11427 
71 Lawrence Rose 59MRidgefieldWA01:08:200:11:01M12244 
72 Lynn Figone 59F VancouverWA01:10:400:11:24F12328 
73 Emma Bennett 16FRidgefieldWA01:10:410:11:24F4429 
74 Lindsey Graiff 32F Battle GroundWA01:10:480:11:25F7230 
75 Ruth Beggs 58F  01:11:170:11:30F12431 
76 Kristin Huggins 47F  01:11:190:11:30F10532 
77 Rene Steelman 65FCamasWA01:11:390:11:33F14333 
78 Michelle Shifflette 40FRidgefieldWA01:11:450:11:34F9134 
79 Nikki Vanvlymen 29FRidgefieldWA01:11:460:11:34F6335 
80 Jeff Hatch 54MRidgefieldWA01:11:540:11:36M11645 
81 Zhanna Lehman 33FRidgefieldWA01:11:570:11:36F7336 
82 Veronica Orazio 42F VancouverWA01:12:130:11:39F9337 
83 Lisa Mcphail 43F VancouverWA01:12:130:11:39F9238 
84 Karin Idowu 44F Battle GroundWA01:16:330:12:21F9439 
85 Terree Marvin 59F WoodlandWA01:16:330:12:21F12540 
86 Constance Cooke 63FWashougalWA01:17:130:12:27F13141 
87 Sandy Sparks 56F WoodlandWA01:17:130:12:27F12642 
88 Liza Jones 56F PortlandOR01:18:520:12:43F12743 
89 Kiyoko Okayasu 45F VancouverWA01:20:370:13:00F10644 

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