2019 RSG 5K Run & Walk

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Steven Sanders 15MRsg 00:20:320:06:38M411 
2 Isaac Romero 15MMolalla 00:21:000:06:46M422 
3 Dallas Schmit 28MRsg 00:21:030:06:47M613 
4 Leo Romero 35MMolalla 00:24:210:07:51M814 
5 Juan Ring 36MMolalla 00:25:110:08:07M825 
6 Rachel Roth 30FMolalla 00:25:500:08:20F711 
7 Steve Leal 44MMolalla 00:26:480:08:39M916 
8 Andy Leal 50MMolalla 00:26:520:08:40M1117 
9 John Schmit 57MRsg 00:27:270:08:51M1218 
10 Sam Sanders 44MRsg 00:28:040:09:03M929 
11 Jose Guzman 41MMolalla 00:29:090:09:24M9310 
12 Ryan Spaeth 23MMolalla 00:29:120:09:25M5111 
13 Gabbie Guzman 14FMolalla 00:29:540:09:39F312 
14 Jason Sanders 12MRsg 00:30:170:09:46M3112 
15 Isreal Guzman 12M  00:30:170:09:46M3213 
16 Spencer Polack 29MMolalla 00:30:350:09:52M6214 
17 Jason Harrington 43MMolalla 00:30:560:09:59M9415 
18 Martin Martinez 26MGram 00:31:430:10:14M6316 
19 Jordan Corey 29M  00:32:050:10:21M6417 
20 Ken Polack 54MMolalla 00:32:380:10:32M11218 
21 Annabelle Ring 15FMolalla 00:33:340:10:50F413 
22 Joaquin Romero 11MMolalla 00:34:150:11:03M3319 
23 Kelli Sanders 44FRsg 00:34:420:11:12F924 
24 Jennifer Leal 44FMolalla 00:34:420:11:12F915 
25 Johnna Romero 35FMolalla 00:36:270:11:45F816 
26 Tryston Childers 7M  00:37:590:12:15M2120 
27 Dalen Childers 31M  00:38:000:12:16M7121 
28 Kc Schmit 28FRsg 00:41:420:13:27F617 
29 Kathy Schmit 51FRsg 00:41:460:13:28F1118 
30 Idalina Leal 72FMolalla 00:45:540:14:48F1519 
31 Deschanel Guzman 9FMolalla 00:47:140:15:14F2110 
32 Lila Leal 9FMolalla 00:47:150:15:14F2211 
33 Emily Guzman 43F  00:48:310:15:39F9312 
34 Adelino Leal 76MMolalla 00:48:510:15:45M16122 
35 Jasmin Corey 28F  00:50:480:16:23F6213 
36 Betty Nicholas 58FOly 01:07:310:21:47F12114 
37 Cheryl Childers 33F  01:09:380:22:28F7215 
38 Yajaira Martinez 26FGram 01:09:400:22:28F6316 
39 Charllote Nicholas 28FOly 01:16:380:24:43F6417 
40 Don Nicholas 56MOly 01:16:380:24:43M12223 

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