2018 RSG Run & Walk

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Luis Juarez 26M  00:20:400:06:40M611 
2 Steven Sanders 14M  00:20:510:06:44M312 
3 Isaac Romero 14M  00:21:230:06:54M323 
4 Rachel Roth 29F  00:23:320:07:36F611 
5 Leo Romero 34M  00:23:450:07:40M714 
6 Charlie Wang 46M  00:24:060:07:46M1015 
7 Juan Ring 35M  00:24:170:07:50M816 
8 Robby Sanders 27M  00:24:350:07:56M627 
9 Tanya Panutich 28F  00:24:410:07:58F622 
10 Jordan Nixon 14M  00:24:420:07:58M338 
11 John Schmit 56M  00:25:510:08:20M1219 
12 Kelli Sanders 43F  00:25:510:08:20F913 
13 Steve Leal 43M  00:25:560:08:22M9110 
14 Jose Guzman 40M  00:26:070:08:25M9211 
15 Jason Harrington 42M  00:26:260:08:32M9312 
16 Annabelle Ring 14F  00:27:100:08:46F314 
17 Gabbie Guzman 13F  00:28:020:09:03F325 
18 Melissa Wang 39F  00:29:190:09:27F816 
19 Austin Nixon 12M  00:29:520:09:38M3413 
20 Jason Sanders 11M  00:30:260:09:49M3514 
21 Sam Sanders 43M  00:30:260:09:49M9415 
22 Claudia Juarez 25F  00:30:480:09:56F637 
23 Carla Sanders 63F  00:31:050:10:02F1318 
24 Joaquin Romero 10M  00:31:560:10:18M3616 
25 Ronda Mcentire 43F  00:31:590:10:19F929 
26 Micaela Harrington 20F  00:36:170:11:42F5110 
27 Monika Harrington 15F  00:36:240:11:45F4111 
28 Katherine Schmit 50F  00:36:510:11:53F11112 
29 Lila Leal 8F  00:37:360:12:08F2113 
30 Jennifer Leal 43F  00:37:360:12:08F9314 
31 Noe Cortez 34M  00:38:330:12:26M7217 
32 Ken Polack 53M  00:39:160:12:40M11118 
33 Johnna Romero 34F  00:40:020:12:55F7115 
34 Sonja Polack 60F  00:42:210:13:40F13216 
35 Brian Bushek 50M  00:46:450:15:05M11219 
36 Tryston Childers 6M  00:47:250:15:18M2120 
37 Dalen Childers 30M  00:47:250:15:18M7321 
38 Jeremy Perkins 39M  00:48:190:15:35M8222 
39 Katie Perkins 36F  00:48:190:15:35F8217 
40 Kristina Russell 42F  00:48:290:15:38F9418 
41 Adelino Leal 75M  00:49:260:15:57M16123 
42 Diane Maurer 62F  00:49:320:15:59F13319 
43 Ken Maurer 64M  00:49:320:15:59M13124 
44 Liibby Perkins 10F  00:49:360:16:00F3320 
45 Ruby Harrington 43F  00:49:430:16:02F9521 
46 Steve Kieling 51M  00:50:450:16:22M11325 
47 Rachael Russell 21F  00:50:540:16:25F5222 
48 Calin Russell 46M  00:50:540:16:25M10226 
49 Idalina Leal 71F  00:53:220:17:13F15123 
50 Tiffany Wheeldon 21F  00:56:310:18:14F5324 
51 Sam Bates 23M  00:56:310:18:14M5127 
52 Liz James 52F  00:56:320:18:14F11225 
53 Deb Freshour 59F  01:05:380:21:10F12126 
54 Dennis Freshour 59M  01:05:380:21:10M12228 

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