Salmon Creek Virtual 3 Mile #2

3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jesse Mcchesney 32M VancouverWA00:15:550:05:18M711CCRC
2 Oscar Bauman 46M VancouverWA00:16:070:05:22M1012ccrc
3 Shaun Martin 39M  00:17:080:05:43M813 
4 Jere Dietz 28M  00:18:250:06:08M614 
5 Rolf Vellek 50MVancouver 00:19:210:06:27M1115 
6 Abby Knight 25F  00:20:330:06:51F611 
7 Will Mckinney 20M  00:20:340:06:51M516 
8 Kurt Krichko 58M  00:20:380:06:53M1217 
9 Robert Roper 43M VancouverWA00:20:500:06:57M918 
10 Katarina Mueller 28F VancouverWA00:20:570:06:59F622 
11 Lindsay Mcchesney 33F VancouverWA00:21:000:07:00F713 
12 David Hart 50MWashougal 00:21:350:07:12M1129 
13 Eric Dolezal 37M VancouverWA00:21:350:07:12M8210CCRC
14 Greyson Roper 10M  00:22:290:07:30M3111 
15 Joe Rowley 66MTroutdaleOR00:22:300:07:30M14112 
16 Jon Leverett 0M  00:22:440:07:35 013 
17 Russ Zornick 63M VancouverWA00:23:100:07:43M13114CCRC
18 Bob Hagan 66MStevensonWA00:23:310:07:50M14215 
19 Dionicio Siquina 36MVancouver 00:23:450:07:55M8316 
20 Mark Hughes 27M  00:23:480:07:56M6217 
21 Pam Mckinney 51FVancouver 00:23:520:07:57F1114 
22 Mark Staub 64M VancouverWA00:24:060:08:02M13218 
23 Mats Johansson 65M VancouverWA00:24:090:08:03M14319 
24 Destry Roper 37F  00:24:480:08:16F815 
25 Debbie Krichko 59F  00:24:560:08:19F1216 
26 John Phillips 66M VancouverWA00:25:340:08:31M14420 
27 David Cralley 57M VancouverWA00:26:010:08:40M12221 
28 Michaela Bruns 23F VancouverWA00:26:110:08:44F517 
29 Christina Siquina 32FVancouver 00:26:300:08:50F728 
30 Mike Mckinney 50MVancouver 00:27:330:09:11M11322 
31 Tom Harris 73M VancouverWA00:27:540:09:18M15123 
32 Kevin Edwards 63M VancouverWA00:29:260:09:49M13324 
33 Sam Matthews 35MVancouver 00:30:010:10:00M8425 
34 Kris Krohn 65F VancouverWA00:31:320:10:31F1419 
35 Donni Woolman 27F  00:32:320:10:51F6310 
36 Ron Rushford 77M VancouverWA00:32:340:10:51M16126 
37 Dana Hecker 55FVancouver 00:32:550:10:58F12211 
38 Jenny Deaconnelly 62F VancouverWA00:33:580:11:19F13112 
39 Odene Turner 60M VancouverWA00:34:080:11:23M13427 
40 Ken Andrews 64M VancouverWA00:34:470:11:36M13528 
41 Joseph Turner 24M VancouverWA00:37:010:12:20M5229 
42 Malinda Lefave 61F  00:42:140:14:05F13213 
43 Susan Sotka 47F Lake OswegoOR00:46:200:15:27F10114 
44 Dan Riley 68MRidgefiledWA00:46:430:15:34M14530 
45 Sandy Riley 65FRidgefieldWA00:46:430:15:34F14215 
46 Daniel Harris 37MVancouver 00:49:200:16:27M8531 
47 Amanda Emerson 27F  00:50:140:16:45F6416 
48 Lourdes Zakrzewski 56FVancouver 00:51:000:17:00F12317 
49 Randy Contreras 59M VancouverWA00:52:010:17:20M12332 
50 Sarah Abernathy 67F VancouverWA00:57:470:19:16F14318 
51 Connie Vowells 67F  00:57:470:19:16F14419 
52 Charlene Bluth 52F VancouverWA00:58:090:19:23F11220 

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