Sean's Run from Autism 10K

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Nathan Hult 44M  00:36:190:05:51M911 
2 Mack Stilson 53M  00:37:070:05:59M1112 
3 Pete Meyers 52M  00:45:560:07:25M1123 
4 Jason Strong 35M  00:46:590:07:35M814 
5 Scott Harmony 24M  00:47:550:07:44M515 
6 Gregg Goldhammer 36M  00:49:110:07:56M826 
7 Rich Dale 58M  00:49:130:07:56M1217 
8 Tyler Couch 19M  00:50:500:08:12M418 
9 Laurie Treske 38F  00:50:530:08:12F811 
10 Dwayne Boyce 42M  00:50:530:08:12M929 
11 Travis Binschus 25M  00:52:150:08:26M6110 
12 Kristin Ellis 28F  00:53:020:08:33F612 
13 Marlie Nelson 37F  00:53:060:08:34F823 
14 Claudene Baska 33F  00:53:300:08:38F714 
15 Greg Baska 38M  00:53:300:08:38M8311 
16 Doug Hasten 44M  00:54:290:08:47M9312 
17 Patrick Long 28M  00:54:570:08:52M6213 
18 Chrissy Kelley 31F  00:55:080:08:54F725 
19 Jessica Klenke 30F  00:55:080:08:54F736 
20 Scott Teitsworth 60M  00:55:250:08:56M13114 
21 Cecilia Tsai 40F  00:55:320:08:57F917 
22 Roger Wingert 39M  00:55:510:09:00M8415 
23 Colin Fitzgerald 37M  00:55:520:09:01M8516 
24 Joseph Anderson 27M  00:56:030:09:02M6317 
25 Sean Henley 30M  00:56:050:09:03M7118 
26 Ken Hess 44M  00:56:430:09:09M9419 
27 Jim Sanford 50M  00:58:390:09:28M11320 
28 Chelsea Sanford 18F  00:58:390:09:28F418 
29 Carrie Collins 36F  01:01:340:09:56F839 
30 Kendyl Tarbell 22F  01:01:340:09:56F5110 
31 Brenda Tarbell 47F  01:01:340:09:56F10111 
32 Marcus Bigelow 39M  01:03:010:10:10M8621 
33 Renae Thompson 31F  01:03:580:10:19F7412 
34 Carolanne Tsai 37F  01:04:100:10:21F8413 
35 Scott Dunfee 56M  01:04:420:10:26M12222 
36 Shelley Belille 41F  01:05:000:10:29F9214 
37 Andrea Pickett 38F  01:05:030:10:30F8515 
38 Lisa Berg 34F  01:05:300:10:34F7516 
39 Elibe Elibe 26M  01:05:390:10:35M6423 
40 Terry Stines 26F  01:05:390:10:35F6317 
41 Keri Gesner 26F  01:05:390:10:35F6218 
42 Abigail Wynne 24F  01:07:010:10:49F5219 
43 Karin Hinze 30F  01:07:110:10:50F7620 
44 Deanna Stanfill 47F  01:07:280:10:53F10221 
45 Dawn Montgomery 43F  01:07:300:10:53F9322 
46 Bob Weyer 48M  01:07:300:10:53M10124 
47 Kendall Williams 60M  01:07:590:10:58M13225 
48 Cassey Saunders 24F  01:08:240:11:02F5323 
49 Jaymie Davis 28F  01:09:470:11:15F6424 
50 Bethany Eymann 30F  01:10:070:11:19F7725 
51 Kristin Livingston 42F  01:10:210:11:21F9426 
52 David Feeney 44M  01:10:520:11:26M9526 
53 Stephen Miller 54M  01:17:410:12:32M11427 
54 Guy Rhodes 45M  01:22:020:13:14M10228 
55 Shelley Pfingsten 46F  01:22:030:13:14F10327 
56 Sarah Zaniewski 34F  01:22:560:13:23F7828 
57 Jean-baptiste Roullet 58M  01:23:590:13:33M12329 
58 Joy Whitmore 55F  01:29:460:14:29F12129 
59 Buzz Brehm 52M  01:34:240:15:14M11530 
60 Kristi Notz 45F  01:37:150:15:41F10430 
61 Charissa Copeland 32F  01:43:080:16:38F7931 
62 Zoey Crenshaw 13F  01:43:090:16:38F3132 
63 Reggy Hallahan 37M  01:43:090:16:38M8731 
64 Sheila Mock 44F  01:44:230:16:50F9533 

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