Silverton Health 1 Mile Kids Run

1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Grady Orton 9MSalemOR00:09:150:09:15M211 
2 Fabian Cruz 9MSilvertonOR00:09:310:09:31M222 
3 Levi Schurter 8M  00:09:400:09:40M233 
4 Voss Berokoff 10MSilvertonOR00:10:010:10:01M314 
5 Kanoa Buckley 8MSilvertonOR00:10:030:10:03M245 
6 Nolan Beyer 9M  00:10:160:10:16M256 
7 Naia Gigena 10F  00:10:240:10:24F311 
8 Eli Eubanks 9MSilvertonOR00:10:280:10:28M267 
9 Levi Berokoff 7MSilvertonOR00:10:400:10:40M278 
10 Brooks Lister 7MCanbyOR00:10:520:10:52M289 
11 Kailea Buckley 10FSilvertonOR00:11:140:11:14F322 
12 Chloe Koster 9FSilvertonOR00:11:180:11:18F213 
13 Xander Gragert 8M  00:11:300:11:30M2910 
14 Leif Poverud 6MScioOR00:11:340:11:34M21011 
15 Warren Knutson 8M  00:11:440:11:44M21112 
16 Jaden Zook 9FLafayetteOR00:11:500:11:50F224 
17 Lilian Richardson 10FSilvertonOR00:11:510:11:51F335 
18 Eli Beyer 7M  00:11:570:11:57M21213 
19 Nemi Gigena 5F  00:12:080:12:08F246 
20 Naomi Berokoff 8FSilvertonOR00:12:080:12:08F237 
21 Wyatt Neal 7M  00:12:170:12:17M21314 
22 Emmie Mulder 8FSalemOR00:12:230:12:23F258 
23 Berlyn Lister 5FCanbyOR00:12:400:12:40F269 
24 Neeva Gigena 8F  00:12:400:12:40F2710 
25 Makani Buckley 12MSilvertonOR00:12:470:12:47M3215 
26 Julian Cruz 5MSilvertonOR00:12:480:12:48M21416 
27 Ezmz Byhre 8M  00:12:490:12:49M21517 
28 Lorelei Edelman 6FSilvertonOR00:13:260:13:26F2811 
29 Lincoln Schurter 5M  00:13:270:13:27M21618 
30 Willow Traeger 8FSilvertonOR00:14:420:14:42F2912 
31 Piper Poverud 5FScioOR00:14:570:14:57F21013 
32 James Collier 8M OR00:14:570:14:57M21719 
33 Anthony Edelman 4MSilvertonOR00:15:380:15:38M1120 
34 Rowan Mannion 7FSilvertonOR00:15:580:15:58F21114 
35 Cosette Eubanks 7FSilvertonOR00:16:220:16:22F21215 
36 Eliza Reif 6FSilvertonOR00:16:230:16:23F21316 
37 Maggie Mulder 5FSalemOR00:16:520:16:52F21417 
38 Rowan Neal 5F  00:17:180:17:18F21518 
39 Mary Fronza 8F  00:17:230:17:23F21619 
40 Laura Werch 9F  00:17:370:17:37F21720 
41 Clifford Feller 7MSilvertonOR00:17:470:17:47M21821 
42 Caitlin Haren 5FSalemOR00:18:040:18:04F21821 
43 Easton Lister 4MCanbyOR00:18:300:18:30M1222 
44 Mae-mae Hall 8F Oregon CityOR00:18:370:18:37F21922 
45 Cyress Wood 3MSilvertonOR00:19:120:19:12M1323 
46 Annabel Nankman 7FSilvertonOR00:19:530:19:53F22023 
47 Clara Feller 6FSilvertonOR00:20:090:20:09F22124 
48 Adrianna Isiordia 4FWoodburnOR00:20:300:20:30F1125 
49 Alany Isiordia 5FWoodburnOR00:20:300:20:30F22226 
50 Jonathan Edelman 2MSilvertonOR00:20:300:20:30M1424 
51 Andrew Koster 31MSilvertonOR00:21:210:21:21M7125 
52 Crystal Stratton 8FSilvertonOR00:21:220:21:22F22327 
53 Evie Wigowsky 7FSilvertonOR00:22:000:22:00F22428 

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