Silverton Health 1 Mile Kids Run

1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Grady Orton 10MSalemOR00:08:230:08:23M311 
2 Levi Schurter 9MSilvertonOR00:09:170:09:17M212 
3 Jack Mcgraw 11MSilvertonOR00:09:440:09:44M323 
4 Chloe Koster 10FSilvertonOR00:09:570:09:57F311 
5 Brooks Lister 8MMolallaOR00:10:170:10:17M224 
6 Luka Bauman 8M  00:10:340:10:34M235 
7 Mason Sichley 7M  00:10:380:10:38M246 
8 Caleb Jones 8MSilvertonOR00:11:030:11:03M257 
9 Leif Poverud 7MScioOR00:11:040:11:04M268 
10 David Trott 11MStaytonOR00:11:090:11:09M339 
11 Lorelei Edelman 7FSilvertonOR00:11:200:11:20F212 
12 Violet Huff 8F  00:11:250:11:25F223 
13 Lincoln Schurter 6MSilvertonOR00:11:350:11:35M2710 
14 Samantha Lorenz 8FSilvertonOR00:11:380:11:38F234 
15 Berlyn Lister 6FMolallaOR00:12:450:12:45F245 
16 Mary Fronza 9FSilvertonOR00:12:550:12:55F256 
17 Quinn Traeger 7M  00:13:030:13:03M2811 
18 Ady Carlson 6F  00:13:190:13:19F267 
19 Ben Dumitrescu 9MSilvertonOR00:13:230:13:23M2912 
20 Colton Berning 7MSilvertonOR00:13:280:13:28M21013 
21 Angelina Gifford 8FScotts MillsOR00:13:300:13:30F278 
22 Emma Aiazzi 8FSilvertonOR00:13:320:13:32F289 
23 Ray Richardson 7M  00:13:400:13:40M21114 
24 Aurora Tveden 6FSilvertonOR00:13:500:13:50F2910 
25 Ava Avila 7FWoodburnOR00:13:590:13:59F21011 
26 Anthony Edelman 5MSilvertonOR00:14:110:14:11M21215 
27 Liesl Bauman 5F  00:14:110:14:11F21112 
28 Abigail Sinn 5FSilvertonOR00:14:130:14:13F21213 
29 Garrett Burton 7MMolallaOR00:14:180:14:18M21316 
30 Brett Bailon 5MSalemOR00:14:430:14:43M21417 
31 Joseph Pratt 6MSalemOR00:14:460:14:46M21518 
32 Nolan Sichley 4M  00:15:000:15:00M1119 
33 Sophia Seeder 10FWoodburnOR00:15:160:15:16F3214 
34 Norah Wellman 6FSilvertonOR00:15:240:15:24F21315 
35 Yezenia Flores 9FSilvertonOR00:15:350:15:35F21416 
36 Andrew Koster 4MSilvertonOR00:15:390:15:39M1220 
37 Easton Lister 5MMolallaOR00:15:410:15:41M21621 
38 Natalie Carlson 10F  00:16:040:16:04F3317 
39 Oliver Gifford 6MScotts MillsOR00:16:140:16:14M21722 
40 Emily Brundridge 21FSaint PaulOR00:16:250:16:25F5118 
41 Karlie Peil 7F  00:16:370:16:37F21519 
42 Ethan Carlson 4M  00:16:410:16:41M1323 
43 Cypress Wanker 4FSilvertonOR00:16:430:16:43F1120 
44 Stacey White 5FSilvertonOR00:16:520:16:52F21621 
45 Juliet Briggs 7FSilvertonOR00:16:550:16:55F21722 
46 Piper Poverud 6FScioOR00:16:590:16:59F21823 
47 Madailein Pruss 6FSalemOR00:17:000:17:00F21924 
48 Cy Sowa 6MMount AngelOR00:17:120:17:12M21824 
49 Jonathan Edelman 3MSilvertonOR00:17:150:17:15M1425 
50 Soliel Sowa 10FMount AngelOR00:17:230:17:23F3425 
51 Ace Peil 4M  00:17:280:17:28M1526 
52 Melissa Briggs 39FSilvertonOR00:17:380:17:38F8126 
53 Clifford Feller 8MSilvertonOR00:18:210:18:21M21927 
54 Sophia Berning 5FSilvertonOR00:18:240:18:24F22027 
55 Alany Isiordia 6FWoodburnOR00:18:460:18:46F22128 
56 Adrianna Isiordia 5FWoodburnOR00:18:490:18:49F22229 
57 Melanie Pickerell 44FSilvertonOR00:24:000:24:00F9130 

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