Silverton Health 1 Mile Kids Run

1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Kaiyden Cornell 10M  00:08:350:08:35M311 
2 Kanoa Buckley 10M  00:08:370:08:37M322 
3 Levi Schurter 10M  00:08:460:08:46M333 
4 Luka Bauman 9M  00:09:300:09:30M214 
5 Brooks Lister 9M  00:09:580:09:58M225 
6 Peyton Zook 8M  00:10:040:10:04M236 
7 Mason Sichley 8M  00:10:070:10:07M247 
8 Easton Orton 8M  00:10:140:10:14M258 
9 Waylon Walker 7M  00:11:040:11:04M269 
10 Lincoln Schurter 7M  00:11:120:11:12M2710 
11 Berlyn Lister 7F  00:11:560:11:56F211 
12 Caleb Carlson 9M  00:12:060:12:06M2811 
13 Lorelei Edelman 8F  00:12:100:12:10F222 
14 Ben Brewer 7M  00:12:150:12:15M2912 
15 Mary Fronza 10F  00:12:190:12:19F313 
16 Julia Voss 11F  00:12:220:12:22F324 
17 Cy Sowa 7M  00:12:250:12:25M21013 
18 Anthony Edelman 6M  00:12:370:12:37M21114 
19 Sosie Thompson 10F  00:12:390:12:39F335 
20 Ray Richardson 8M  00:12:410:12:41M21215 
21 Jonathan Edelman 4M  00:12:460:12:46M1116 
22 Nolan Sichley 5M  00:12:550:12:55M21317 
23 Liesl Bauman 6F  00:13:030:13:03F236 
24 Solil Sowa 11F  00:13:150:13:15F347 
25 Hudson Piper 7M  00:13:330:13:33M21418 
26 Ethan Carlson 5M  00:13:360:13:36M21519 
27 Easton Lister 6M  00:13:460:13:46M21620 
28 Adrianna Isiordia 6F  00:13:580:13:58F248 
29 Violet Huff 9F  00:14:000:14:00F259 
30 Quinn Traegor 8M  00:14:100:14:10M21721 
31 Bentley Rumgay 6M  00:14:360:14:36M21822 
32 Garrett Burton 8M  00:14:420:14:42M21923 
33 Natalie Carlson 11F  00:14:490:14:49F3510 
34 Charlotte Burdine 8F  00:15:070:15:07F2611 
35 Alany Isiordia 7F  00:15:470:15:47F2712 
36 Makenna Minten 6F  00:16:010:16:01F2813 
37 Ady Carlson 7F  00:16:110:16:11F2914 
38 Luca Thompson 5M  00:16:230:16:23M22024 
39 Nora Piper 6F  00:16:320:16:32F21015 
40 Oliver Bear 3M  00:18:060:18:06M1225 
41 Hadley Robbins 2F  00:20:040:20:04F1116 
42 Scarlett Edelman 2F  00:20:070:20:07F1217 

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