Boys 3000 Meter Challenge Seaside

1.86 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Gavin Ross 0MHorizon Christian 00:11:190:06:05M111 
2 Sebastian Handegard 0MMs_bowerman 00:11:190:06:05M122 
3 Justin Panaitescu 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:200:06:38M133 
4 Tucker Olson 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:520:06:55M144 
5 Cj Panaitescu 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:530:06:56M155 
6 Zach Schreiber 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:530:06:56M166 
7 Dalen Hosley 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:540:06:56M177 
8 Travis Schiele 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:550:06:57M188 
9 Carter Barrett 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:560:06:57M199 
10 Seth Cain 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:560:06:57M11010 
11 Micah Clements 0MHorizon Christian 00:12:570:06:58M11111 
12 Sam Stetzel 0MHorizon Christian 00:13:420:07:22M11212 
13 Celia Hardy 0FEvergreen (vancouver) 00:13:530:07:28F111 
14 Max Peterson 0MHorizon Christian 00:14:080:07:36M11313 
15 Jude Gomez 0MSeaside 00:14:550:08:01M11414 
16 Grayson Lagore 0MHorizon Christian 00:15:340:08:22M11515 
17 Solomon Teppo 0MClackamas 00:16:010:08:37M11616 
18 Noah Kastengren 0MAstoria 00:16:040:08:38M11717 
19 Mark Henderson 0MClackamas 00:16:080:08:41M11818 
20 Andrew Johnson 0MClackamas 00:16:100:08:42M11919 
21 Elliot Adams 0MHorizon Christian 00:16:300:08:52M12020 
22 Ben Stapleton 0MHorizon Christian 00:16:330:08:54M12121 
23 Kyra Dejesus-wood 0FEvergreen (vancouver) 00:17:030:09:10F122 
24 Skyler Archibald 0MSeaside 00:17:500:09:35M12222 
25 Connor Given 0MClackamas 00:19:370:10:33M12323 
26 Tyler Fixsen 0MStayton 00:19:480:10:39M12424 
27 Sean Barnett 0MSeaside 00:21:410:11:39M12525 
28 Chelson Sarte 0MStayton 00:21:410:11:39M12626 

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