Girls 3000 Meter Challenge Seaside

1.86 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Josie Cleveland 0FLebanon 00:13:520:07:27F111 
2 Halle Kerr 0FYamhill-carlton 00:14:240:07:44F122 
3 Sidney Wright 0FMeadowdale 00:14:520:07:59F133 
4 Sadie Galloway 0FMeadowdale 00:14:550:08:01F144 
5 Annica Brattain 0FYamhill-carlton 00:15:310:08:20F155 
6 Diedre Salmon 0FAbbotsford Christian 00:15:340:08:22F166 
7 Laura Gallegos 0FLebanon 00:15:520:08:32F177 
8 Laila Ramirez 0FSandy 00:15:550:08:33F188 
9 Kaia Haintz 0FMaple Ridge 00:16:100:08:41F199 
10 Amanda Hansen 0FSandy 00:16:350:08:55F11010 
11 Sara Holland 0FLebanon 00:16:520:09:04F11111 
12 Ane Erro 0FSandy 00:16:550:09:06F11212 
13 Sara Janesquires 0FLebanon 00:16:570:09:07F11313 
14 Lindsey Shupe 0FSandy 00:17:070:09:12F11514 
15 Tressa Hewes 0FEvergreen (vancouver) 00:17:070:09:12F11415 
16 Elizabeth Martinez 0FYamhill-carlton 00:17:070:09:12F11616 
17 Carolina Carrasco 0FCascade 00:17:210:09:19F11717 
18 Alayna Farr 0FRiver Ridge 00:17:370:09:28F11818 
19 Manon Bebin 0FSandy 00:17:440:09:32F11919 
20 Teegan Maschke 0FMaple Ridge 00:17:530:09:37F12020 
21 Hazel Lam 0FRiver Ridge 00:17:550:09:38F12121 
22 Avery Roberts 0FRiver Ridge 00:18:100:09:46F12222 
23 Grace Hegel 0FLebanon 00:18:210:09:52F12323 
24 Kaia Maynard 0FRiver Ridge 00:18:310:09:57F12424 
25 Lucy Holmes 0FRiver Ridge 00:18:320:09:58F12525 
26 Chrissa Dybwad 0FCentennial 00:18:330:09:58F12626 
27 Ellie Nobel 0FSandy 00:19:190:10:23F12727 
28 Taryn Weller 0FSandy 00:19:490:10:39F12828 
29 Riley Woodral 0FCascade 00:19:520:10:41F12929 
30 Gloria Kitanga 0FClackamas 00:19:590:10:45F13030 
31 Sadie Latimer 0FLebanon 00:19:590:10:45F13131 
32 Tierra Drees 0FRiver Ridge 00:20:030:10:47F13232 
33 Rosamarie Fletcher 0FTimberline 00:20:180:10:55F13333 
34 Kymora Garcia 0FCentennial 00:20:230:10:58F13434 
35 Kaley Heskew 0FCascade 00:20:280:11:00F13535 
36 Maia Winans 0FSandy 00:20:290:11:00F13636 
37 Sandra Kitanga 0FClackamas 00:20:440:11:09F13737 
38 Breonna Ritzma 0FCascade 00:20:540:11:14F13838 
39 Jaida Clem 0FEvergreen (vancouver) 00:23:340:12:40F13939 
40 Taylor King 0FTimberline 00:27:280:14:46F14040 
41 Madelynn Sears 0FSandy 00:30:010:16:08F14141 

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