Seaside Girls Middle School Seaside

1.87 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Kate Peters 0FMs_bowerman 00:10:490:05:47F111 
2 Ana Peters 0FMs_bowerman 00:11:470:06:18F122 
3 Maura Oscannlain 0FMs_bowerman 00:11:560:06:23F133 
4 Ella Mcgillis 0FMs_bowerman 00:12:240:06:38F144 
5 Claire Jones 0FMs_view Ridge 00:12:290:06:40F155 
6 Lili Maycock 0FMs_bowerman 00:12:410:06:47F176 
7 Hannah Groncki 0FMs_astoria 00:12:410:06:47F167 
8 Mikenzy Rosen 0FMs_horizon Christian 00:12:460:06:50F188 
9 Ella Zilli 0FMs_astoria 00:12:510:06:52F199 
10 Jaimee Olson 0FMs_horizon Christian 00:13:050:06:59F11010 
11 Peyton Rawe 0FMs_tillamook 00:13:120:07:04F11111 
12 Keira Long 0FMs_astoria 00:13:160:07:06F11212 
13 Maeve Oscannlain 0FMs_bowerman 00:13:230:07:09F11313 
14 Layla Varozza 0FMs_broadway 00:13:330:07:15F11414 
15 Alyssa Hancock 0FMs_bowerman 00:13:370:07:17F11515 
16 Senoya Bugher 0FMs_bowerman 00:13:510:07:24F11616 
17 Evylee Bugher 0FMs_bowerman 00:13:540:07:26F11717 
18 Sofia Spencer 0FMs_wind River 00:14:050:07:32F11818 
19 Caydence Rodriguez 0FMs_horizon Christian 00:14:120:07:36F11919 
20 Isabel Balmaceda 0FMs_astoria 00:14:130:07:36F12020 
21 Cameron Jones 0FMs_view Ridge 00:14:140:07:37F12121 
22 Maya Crimin 0FMs_bowerman 00:14:170:07:39F12222 
23 Olivia Hooley 0FMs_tillamook 00:14:180:07:39F12323 
24 Elizabeth Swift 0FMs_view Ridge 00:14:190:07:39F12424 
25 Emily Larson 0FMs_hilda Lahti 00:14:270:07:44F12525 
26 Elizabeth Young 0FMs_stayton 00:14:290:07:45F12626 
27 Mariah Aguilar 0FMs_bowerman 00:14:350:07:48F12727 
28 Morgan Goode 0FMs_view Ridge 00:14:560:07:59F12828 
29 Madison Mitchell 0FMs_stayton 00:15:000:08:01F12929 
30 Allie Draper 0FMs_view Ridge 00:15:040:08:03F13030 
31 Ella Ross 0FMs_view Ridge 00:15:080:08:05F13131 
32 Signe Rickenbach 0FMs_astoria 00:15:150:08:09F13232 
33 Maria Standley 0FMs_bowerman 00:15:160:08:10F13333 
34 Riley Phillips 0FMs_astoria 00:15:170:08:10F13434 
35 Leilani Reier 0FMs_bowerman 00:15:200:08:12F13535 
36 Abby Blackburn 0FMs_tillamook 00:15:210:08:13F13636 
37 Katie Jostrimple-fields 0FMs_broadway 00:15:230:08:13F13837 
38 Vivian Seaholm 0FMs_tillamook 00:15:230:08:14F13938 
39 Belinda Contreas 0FMs_astoria 00:15:230:08:14F13739 
40 Faliscity Murphy 0FMs_tillamook 00:15:320:08:18F14040 
41 Tori Rehnert 0FMs_warrenton 00:15:380:08:21F14141 
42 Rose Nelson 0FMs_stayton 00:15:410:08:23F14242 
43 Cali Turigliatto 0FMs_view Ridge 00:15:520:08:29F14343 
44 Sarah Sarr 0FMs_rainier 00:16:090:08:38F14444 
45 Ella Curry 0FMs_view Ridge 00:16:150:08:41F14545 
46 Keira Augustus 0FMs_st Helens 00:16:180:08:43F14646 
47 Emily Notman 0FMs_stayton 00:16:180:08:43F14747 
48 Aidia Dobbels 0FMs_rainier 00:16:230:08:45F14848 
49 Ruby Hutsenpillar 0FMs_horizon Christian 00:16:260:08:47F14949 
50 Payton White 0FMs_neah-kah-nie 00:16:280:08:49F15050 
51 Kaylee Perdu 0FMs_astoria 00:16:340:08:52F15151 
52 Sara Kornder 0FMs_warrenton 00:16:410:08:55F15252 
53 Emmaleigh Carver 0FMs_st Helens 00:16:420:08:56F15353 
54 Earlie Gracesterling 0FMs_bowerman 00:16:460:08:58F15454 
55 Marlee Both 0FMs_astoria 00:16:470:08:59F15555 
56 Lucille Lawyer 0FMs_neah-kah-nie 00:16:500:09:00F15656 
57 Elizabeth Keyes 0FMs_warrenton 00:16:500:09:00F15757 
58 Ariah Rajcich 0FMs_neah-kah-nie 00:16:520:09:01F15858 
59 Terrah Moyer 0FMs_astoria 00:16:560:09:03F15959 
60 Eleanna Souvenir 0FMs_horizon Christian 00:17:140:09:13F16060 
61 Payten Buckelew 0FMs_warrenton 00:17:150:09:13F16261 
62 Grace Richardson 0FMs_rainier 00:17:150:09:13F16162 
63 Margarer Goin 0FMs_broadway 00:17:220:09:17F16363 
64 Talia Aguilar 0FMs_bowerman 00:17:250:09:19F16464 
65 Braeden Nissen 0FMs_wind River 00:17:280:09:20F16565 
66 Kathryn Nelson 0FMs_st Helens 00:17:300:09:21F16766 
67 Brooke Oconnor 0FMs_astoria 00:17:300:09:22F16667 
68 Ryan Jackson 0FMs_wind River 00:17:310:09:22F16868 
69 Hannah Daniels 0FMs_astoria 00:18:090:09:42F16969 
70 Paige Brownmaclean 0FMs_astoria 00:18:370:09:57F17070 
71 Savannah Augustus 0FMs_st Helens 00:18:390:09:58F17171 
72 Nezeya Bugher 0FMs_bowerman 00:18:460:10:02F17272 
73 Chloe Hancock 0FMs_bowerman 00:18:470:10:03F17373 
74 Shaelee Williams 0FMs_astoria 00:19:040:10:12F17474 
75 Megan Cobabe 0FMs_st Helens 00:19:060:10:13F17575 
76 Sophia Jesberger 0FMs_broadway 00:19:150:10:18F17676 
77 Eden Bizeau 0FMs_tillamook 00:19:370:10:30F17777 
78 Kassie Mcleod 0FMs_rainier 00:19:460:10:34F17878 
79 Genesis Dandy 0FMs_bowerman 00:19:480:10:35F17979 
80 Sofia Gutierrezcuilty 0FMs_view Ridge 00:20:060:10:45F18080 
81 Samantha Sampson 0FMs_astoria 00:20:100:10:47F18181 
82 Alaina Judd 0FMs_ilwaco 00:20:130:10:49F18282 
83 Dinah Cranston 0FMs_stayton 00:21:540:11:42F18383 
84 Teela Abel 0FMs_rainier 00:22:280:12:01F18484 
85 Phelony Kirchhoff 0FMs_tillamook 00:24:270:13:05F18585 
86 Kiya Mendoza 0FMs_ilwaco 00:24:540:13:19F18686 
87 Bethany Martin 0FMs_ilwaco 00:26:280:14:09F18787 
88 Aimee Meinhardt 0FMs_ilwaco 00:29:550:15:59F18888 
89 Charisma Ryder 0FMs_rainier 00:35:000:18:43F18989 

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