Seaside Open Race Seaside

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Roman Kirkov 0MUnattached 00:18:350:05:59M111 
2 Levi Neufeld 0MUnattached 00:18:590:06:07M122 
3 Alan Johnston 0MUnattached 00:19:020:06:08M133 
4 Laurence Dennis 0MUnattached 00:21:450:07:01M144 
5 Chuck Coats 0MUnattached 00:22:080:07:08M155 
6 Anton Clifford 0MUnattached 00:22:440:07:20M166 
7 Josh Nordell 0MUnattached 00:23:250:07:33M177 
8 Solomon Bilderback 0MUnattached 00:23:510:07:42M188 
9 Kenneth Carpenter 0MUnattached 00:24:190:07:50M199 
10 Linda Huyck 0FUnattached 00:24:500:08:01F111 
11 Tony Nelson 0MUnattached 00:24:560:08:03M11010 
12 Rima Givot 0FUnattached 00:25:030:08:05F122 
13 Edgar Perez 0MUnattached 00:25:130:08:08M11111 
14 Nicole Stewart 0FUnattached 00:25:160:08:09F133 
15 Matthew Paterra 0MUnattached 00:25:380:08:16M11212 
16 Dale Coyle 0MUnattached 00:25:520:08:21M11313 
17 Colton Umberger 0MUnattached 00:25:570:08:22M11414 
18 Luke Harrison 0MUnattached 00:26:190:08:29M11515 
19 Scott Abrams 0MUnattached 00:26:340:08:34M11616 
20 Brad Pinkstaff 0MUnattached 00:27:280:08:52M11717 
21 Mike Edgerton 0MUnattached 00:27:320:08:53M11818 
22 Pati Carne 0FUnattached 00:27:410:08:56F144 
23 Christine Pyle 0FUnattached 00:27:460:08:58F155 
24 Jake Osborne 0MUnattached 00:27:510:08:59M11919 
25 Anne Carne 0FUnattached 00:28:030:09:03F166 
26 Dongben Han 0MUnattached 00:28:260:09:10M12020 
27 Kay Pinkstaff 0FUnattached 00:28:340:09:13F177 
28 Joe Mccormick 0MUnattached 00:29:120:09:25M12121 
29 Judith Puzin 0FUnattached 00:29:280:09:30F188 
30 Brody Burbidge 0MUnattached 00:29:460:09:36M12222 
31 Micah Orr 0MUnattached 00:30:180:09:46M12323 
32 Margie Leary 0FUnattached 00:30:210:09:47F199 
33 Dillon Beck 0MUnattached 00:30:520:09:57M12424 
34 Erika Graef 0FUnattached 00:31:150:10:05F11010 
35 Calen Bergren 0MUnattached 00:31:220:10:07M12525 
36 Anne Christie 0FUnattached 00:31:330:10:11F11111 
37 John Wampach 0MUnattached 00:31:540:10:17M12626 
38 Noah Carlson 0MUnattached 00:33:360:10:50M12727 
39 Jim Bergren 0MUnattached 00:34:410:11:11M12828 
40 Mary Chamberlain 0FUnattached 00:38:190:12:22F11212 
41 Kimberly Mchone 0FUnattached 00:49:230:15:56F11313 
42 Layton Mchone 0MUnattached 00:49:380:16:00M12929 

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