Seaside Open Race Seaside

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Nik Maszk 0MUnattached 00:19:460:06:23M111 
2 Steve Holcom 0MUnattached 00:21:110:06:50M122 
3 Emerson Gatherum 0MUnattached 00:22:290:07:15M133 
4 Vinct Vandyk 0MUnattached 00:22:400:07:19M144 
5 Andy Chan 0MUnattached 00:22:410:07:19M155 
6 Chris Samuel 0MUnattached 00:23:160:07:30M166 
7 Enger Breze 0MUnattached 00:24:130:07:49M177 
8 Mason Berry 0MUnattached 00:24:280:07:53M188 
9 Tony Nelson 0MUnattached 00:24:450:07:59M199 
10 Jon 0MUnattached 00:25:380:08:16M11010 
11 Matthew Paterra 0MUnattached 00:25:530:08:21M11111 
12 Pete Kageler 0MUnattached 00:26:060:08:25M11212 
13 Kyle Mattson 0MUnattached 00:26:140:08:28M11313 
14 Brad Pinkstaff 0MUnattached 00:26:300:08:33M11414 
15 Erin Doane 0MUnattached 00:26:490:08:39M11515 
16 Zach Wheeler 0MUnattached 00:27:070:08:45M11616 
17 Terry Beantt 0MUnattached 00:27:100:08:46M11717 
18 Rachele Giovannetti 0FUnattached 00:27:250:08:51F111 
19 Derek Samon 0MUnattached 00:27:480:08:58M11818 
20 Rayment Yu 0MUnattached 00:28:030:09:03M11919 
21 Robie Kondrat 0MUnattached 00:28:050:09:04M12020 
22 Ron Homer 0MUnattached 00:28:440:09:16M12121 
23 Dylan Beck 0MUnattached 00:29:120:09:25M12222 
24 Hiki Wampo 0MUnattached 00:29:550:09:39M12323 
25 Kimber Parker 0FUnattached 00:30:320:09:51F122 
26 Amadra Smith 0FUnattached 00:31:530:10:17F133 
27 Calen Bergeen 0MUnattached 00:31:540:10:17M12424 
28 Jacob Frcick 0MUnattached 00:32:000:10:19M12525 
29 Erika Coyle 0FUnattached 00:32:400:10:32F144 
30 Dale Coyle 0MUnattached 00:32:410:10:32M12626 
31 Bib674 0MUnattached 00:32:550:10:37M12727 
32 Joe Maccor 0MUnattached 00:32:590:10:38M12828 
33 Amleala Ingersoslo 0FUnattached 00:33:130:10:43F155 
34 Lisa Meraberry 0FUnattached 00:33:520:10:55F166 
35 Gale Sandall 0FUnattached 00:33:540:10:56F177 
36 John Wanach 0MUnattached 00:35:190:11:23M12929 
37 Elea Zeigle 0FUnattached 00:40:130:12:58F188 
38 Jeneifie Codfer 0FUnattached 00:41:480:13:29F199 

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